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High School Arcade Edition: Enemy Profiles, Vol. 1

High School Arcade Edition: Enemy Profiles, Vol. 1

| On 18, May 2016

The five most prevalent types of enemies you will encounter on your journey through high school and how to overcome each one.

(H.T.O.: How to Overcome)

1. The Jester:The Jester” is a creature that is ALWAYS fooling around. Whether it is in class or in the hallway, they never seem to act composed. They are completely unaware of the borderline between funny and rude and will oftentimes make people irritated more so than entertained.

H.T.O:  Don’t play along with whatever antics they may partake in. Most of the time people do rude and outlandish things because they like the attention. If you want them to stop, make sure they can clearly see that their games are unappreciated and unwanted.

2. The Paper Giant: “The Paper Giant” is a creature that can dish it but can’t take it. They will say extremely rude things to you because they deem it normal, feeling no remorse for what they have said, yet when you say something back they get defensive and personally offended.

H.T.O: Just ignore them. As cliché as it sounds, someone who gets hurt so easily isn’t worth the energy it takes to come up with a clever comeback. Jokes aren’t funny if you have to explain them.

3. The Vagabond: “The Vagabond” is the type of monster who doesn’t really have a place in any high school clique. They never try to fit in, but rather just go around as they please, regardless of how other people feel about their presence. Often times they make people uncomfortable with their insanely strong personalities that are more overbearing than charismatic.

H.T.O: Best advice would be to not engage in arguments with them. They are typically neutral so long as you don’t mess with them. If forced to interact with them, give short ended and simple answers to questions and opinions if possible. They don’t need to know how you feel and most of the time they won’t care.

4. The Demigod: “The Demigod” is the type of monster who would have a lot of things going for them if their conceited personality didn’t completely overshadow said things. They consider a particular skill or resource as their pride and often use it to prove their self-worth and/or superiority over everyone else.

H.T.O: Just let them think what they want to think and say what they want to say. Whether or not you can sass them back is irrelevant. The hot air in their heads has to get out one way or another.

5. The Cerberus: “The Cerberus” refers to a being that has no loyalty whatsoever. Unlike The Vagabond, the beast actually tries to fit in with as many people as possible and will reveal secrets from other factions (cliques) to gain anything that can boost their own status and image. They are selfish and greedy creatures.

H.T.O: Refuse to tell them ANY information about ANYONE. The beast is considered the most dangerous enemy as they will take down anyone for reasons that can never be truly justified.

Stay tuned for Hero Profiles!

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