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Cavs and Warriors Face Off Again For 2017 Champs

May 31, 2017 |

If someone told you that at the beginning of the season that the last two teams standing in the NBA were going to be the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, you probably would have agreed with them. Not only … Read More

What’s The Deal With Memorial Day?

May 18, 2017 |

We all enjoy the day off and the barbecues, but what is the origin of this day that acts as the unofficial kickoff to summer?

Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day, and was invented to serve as a day … Read More

Surviving Finals

May 18, 2017 |

Final exams are a stressful part of every student’s life. Here are some helpful hints on how to prepare for your exams and get everything else done.

  1. Test Yourself: If you create actual exam questions, you will likely … Read More

Poetry: “Night” and “Departure”

May 18, 2017 |


Sight of color

No need for technicolor

Dark and beautiful night

Ready for the flight

Final days before farewell

Have to look at the future with swell



Last minutes, final conversations

Time for final actions

Memories to … Read More

An Open Letter to The Graduating Class of 2017

May 18, 2017 |

I cannot believe the class of 2017 is going to graduate so soon! It’s crazy to think about and also somewhat sad.

However, I would like to take a moment to send a message to the seniors. I think you’ll like … Read More

Senior Picture Collage

May 17, 2017 |

Attention seniors! Check out some pics that did not make it into the yearbook this year. Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Read More

Video: Advice To Incoming Freshmen, From Current Seniors

May 15, 2017 |

Disclaimer: This vlog offers some good advice with a large dose of humor. It is obviously largely satirical. 

Read More

Op-Ed: Why Your Mom Is So Important

May 15, 2017 |

This Mother’s Day, there is something you should remember: your mom is and should be the most important person in your life.

Always remember how awesome it is to wake up and give her a hug, or when she gives … Read More


May 11, 2017 | | One Comment

David Hernandez and David Carrera are both finishing up their freshman year at Hudson Catholic. Though these two Davids come from different backgrounds, they have forged a friendship in part because of their time spent together on the swim team this year. … Read More

The Hoffinator

May 9, 2017 |

It seems like everyone is talking about our newest religion teacher and campus minister, Ms. Shannon Hoffman, who was hired during the summer of 2016.

Hoffman, who graduated from The College of St. Elizabeth, in Morristown, NJ last May, never … Read More

Op-Ed: What Is the Alt-Right?

May 9, 2017 |

This piece reflects the beliefs of its author. It does not represent the views of The Commentator as a whole, nor does it represent the opinion of Hudson Catholic Regional High School.

Political movements have been well known for their symbols, historical … Read More

Come On Over to Ms. Conover’s Office

May 8, 2017 |


The Commentator: Do you enjoy being a guidance counselor?

Ms. Veronica Conover: I absolutely I love it.

TC: What do you with 9th-12th grade students?

VC: When working with the 9th and 10th graders, we focus on familiarizing them with Family Connection, … Read More

Hawks Participate in World’s Oldest Race

May 8, 2017 |

The Hudson Catholic Hawks were honored to participate in 168th Penn Relays Carnival. Penn Relays is the largest and oldest track and field meet in the world. The meet is held in Franklin Field, Philadelphia, and lasts Thursday through Sunday. … Read More

Hawks’ Big Loss

May 2, 2017 |

On May 1, 2017, in the Hudson Catholic gym, the boys’ volleyball team faced off against St. Peter’s Prep, a fierce and well recognized competitor.

It was a devastating loss for Hudson Catholic.

The first match started out with the score … Read More

Op-Ed: The Problem With The Regressive Left

May 1, 2017 | | One Comment

This piece reflects the beliefs of its author. It does not represent the views of The Commentator as a whole, nor does it represent the opinion of Hudson Catholic Regional High School.

“You’re racist!” “You’re a bigot!” “You’re homophobic!” “You’re transphobic!” “You’re … Read More