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NFL Playoffs

January 10, 2019 |

The Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs is set to take place this weekend, and for the teams that survived the Wildcard Round, it’s time to see what they’re really made of.

In the NFC, the defending champions Philadelphia … Read More

Poetry: “Christmas”

December 24, 2018 |

The day before Christmas, hanging by the fireplace, lies our unstuffed stockings

Everyone is rushing down the halls while the clock is tick tocking

Many kids patiently awaiting by the window to watch the reindeer flocking

Bundling up into winter … Read More

Can Time Travel Ever Be Achieved?

December 19, 2018 |

When someone thinks of science fiction, one of the most prominent thoughts they might have would be time travel. Many movies and stories revolve around this topic, such as the Back To the Future series, Futurama, The Terminator, and many … Read More

Poetry: “Christmas Day”

December 19, 2018 |

The morning sky is white, snowy, and cold.

The sound of the bells never grows old.

Santa Claus is coming out at midnight,

Which means he has already taken flight.

Children are laughing, making it super merry.

Read More

Fiction: “You Are Now One of Us”

December 17, 2018 |

In the lab all day constantly doing work, it’s late and the sky is dark and gloomy.

As I begin to pack my briefcase to go home I hear multiple feet shuffling behind me. I turn around startled only … Read More

Memoir: “New Home”

December 12, 2018 |

Sat on the floor of their new home, the family ate. As their voices softly echoed, harmonizing with the tinkering forks and spoons, the walls of the house yawned. It had been quite a while since it had been occupied, … Read More

Surviving the Jersey Gardens Shooting

December 9, 2018 |

I’ve heard the phrase “running for my life,” but never knew what it meant until I heard two gunshots go off nearly 100 feet away from me.

I was taking a brief break from Black Friday shopping with my family, … Read More

Poetry: “Insecurities”

December 9, 2018 | | One Comment

Stomach too big so you get a tummy tuck

Hair too short so you get extensions 

Breasts too saggy so you get a breast lift

Face too fat so you get Botox 

Making enhancements to God’s perfection is an … Read More

Poetry: “In the Grand Scheme of Things”

December 6, 2018 |

She arrived home, leaving her things in her room

Alongside lush sheets sprawled on the queen bed

The chandelier beamed lustrous lights of silver

Onto shelved book spines of golden thread


She stretched briefly and walked to her kitchen

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Poetry: “The Ballad of Melanin”

December 6, 2018 |

The sun caught in her raven hair

Rays reflecting hellfire on her skin

Draped in rags, her slumber in her cage

Crowned with rusted metal

Queen of my fields,

How I desire you

Painting of angels surround us

Pale skin … Read More

What Music Means to Us

November 26, 2018 | | 2 Comments

Kai Jones: “Without Music I Probably Would’ve Gone Crazy by Now”

Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. You could categorize my whole family as music fanatics, so it’s only right that … Read More

Song: “Hold On”

November 26, 2018 |



“Hold on”

Let me out, let me see the light Pouring in heaps of gold from the window Sure, there are things to do, but I’m taking all my time just looking at you

Thinking about it now, … Read More

The Joker Takes Jersey

November 26, 2018 |

On November 16, 2018, filming for an upcoming DC Comics movie commenced in Journal Square, Jersey City. 

Many who pass by Journal Square everyday may have noticed that Lowe’s Jersey Theatre has been under an exterior makeover for a while. … Read More

How to Lose A Girl in Ten Days

November 24, 2018 |

A sarcastic, musical tip list. Tip 1: Send Mixed Signals

Sending mixed signals is a great way to keep a relationship interesting. Mixed signals puts your lady in different emotional stages and what better way to get to know a … Read More

The Top Ten Sad Love Songs You Should be Listening to Right Now

November 24, 2018 |
  1. “Best Friend” by Rex Orange County

This song depicts what “young love” is for a lot people. The idea of it can be sweet and alluring, but can turn quite narcissistic and selfish as one person believes … Read More