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Join Stem Club!

Join Stem Club!

| On 16, Feb 2023

In Stem Club we work together as a team to solve small tasks to stimulate our brains. This allows us to become interested in a stem involved major in college and an eventual career in stem. This year in the Stem Club has been the best yet because each week we have met to participate in team building activities. We have done many activities, one being using paper tubes to create interesting music. This year we have welcomed many new members from all grade levels, enabling us to work on even more projects together. 

Besides allowing us to participate in fun activities, the Stem Club has given all of us pre-college and community service opportunities. We have recently become involved with a Stevens University summer program and have plans to visit St. Peter’s University as well. When it comes to community service, we also have had the chance to visit middle schools to present stem activities. By doing this we provide stem outreach to other schools, as well as show off Hudson Catholic’s programs. As an added bonus, Stem Club members will have the opportunity to skip their chemistry final exam for their service if deemed by the teachers. 

Stem Club is always open to new members. If you are open to college opportunities in the stem field and other related activities you can join us by talking to Ms. Maderal in room 329 for details.

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