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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Hawk Spotlight: Junior Luis Carrasquillo

October 15, 2019 |

I got the chance to interview an old friend of mine, junior Luis Carrasquillo. He and I have been good friends since we were both in elementary school. After elementary, Carrasquillo and I went to another school, but somehow, some … Read More

Brianne Brown, Future Doctor

October 15, 2019 |

If you are reading this as a high school student, prepare to be jealous!

This June, courageous Hudson Catholic senior Brianne Brown received a series of awards after attending a three-day conference at the Medical Congress of Future Physicians … Read More

Coach Nick’s Court

October 14, 2019 |

by Soukeyna Cisse and Gianna Giordano

For years Coach Nick Mariniello has been referring to the Hudson Catholic gymnasium as his court, and this year it’s official.

In honor of his outstanding coaching skills and dedication to the Hudson … Read More

A Special Opening Mass

October 14, 2019 |

by Elizabeth McDonnell and Aiden Phuc Nguyen

St. Aedan’s Church has been the home of Hudson Cathoic’s High School masses for years. On Friday September 27, 2019 the school had their annual opening mass. Each year, the school has an … Read More

Award-Winning Engineering Course Enters 4th Year

October 14, 2019 |

All the hard work has paid off!

A program that has been climbing to the top since the 2016-2017 academic year, the outstanding Principles of Engineering course that received a STEM award last spring is entering its fourth year … Read More

Krispy Kreme Sale Benefits Prom 2020

October 14, 2019 |

Watch out, Hudson Catholic: Krispy Kreme is coming!

Krispy Keme, the maker of original glazed donuts since 1937, is having a fundraiser just within our school walls! The Krispy Kreme donut company founded in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is here to … Read More

Through the Lens: Nuvany David

October 14, 2019 |

Getting the scoop on the inspirational, not-so-average Hudson Catholic senior Nuvany David.

As young adults, we really try to grasp every moment, hold onto all the memories and live to the fullest. Hudson Catholic senior Nuvany David easily makes the best … Read More

Hawk Spotlight: Aiden Nguyen

October 13, 2019 |

To be smart, you have to be curious.

Aiden Nguyen

The Commentator took the time to sit down and interview one of the friendliest international students we have, Phuc Nguyen or Aiden Nguyen, from Vietnam. I, senior Elizabeth McDonnell, wanted … Read More

Hawk Athlete Spotlight: Xochilt Turijan

October 13, 2019 |

The Commentator: How does it feel being starting center midfielder and captain of Hudson Catholic’s girls varsity soccer team as a sophomore?

Xochilt: It feels great and an honor to be a starting center midfielder and captain of the girl’s … Read More

Boy, Oh Boy!

October 9, 2019 |

It is no secret that Mrs. Lisa Matrale, Hudson Catholic English teacher, has given birth to a beautiful baby boy, Joseph Matrale. When speaking to The Commentator, she dished on her life with this two-month-old bundle of joy.

Many parents go … Read More

The PSAT is Near

October 9, 2019 |

On October 16, 2019, Hudson Catholic will be administering the PSAT to the junior class at approximately 8 a.m. in the gymnasium. 

The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, more familiarly known as the PSAT, is given to all high school sophomore … Read More

HC Goes to Space Camp

October 8, 2019 |

This past summer saw two students from Hudson Catholic attending a Space Camp in Huntsville, Tennessee. The students flew with about a dozen others to the astronomical city, spending 6 days in the training facility (Aug. 18-24) studying through both … Read More

HC Dress Code Keeps Up with the Times

October 1, 2019 |

Great news for Hudson Catholic Regional High School that benefits everyone.

Assistant Principal Terrence Matthews has continued to expand upon some changes to the student dress code in recent years, especially for young men. This year, the boys in our … Read More

Fiction: “Jordan Brown, CSI”

October 1, 2019 |

It is currently 5:15 on a Monday afternoon, August, 2018. My name is Jordan Brown.

I am part of a CSI Unit for the police department of JCPD. There was a crime scene that occurred earlier today. It happened … Read More