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The Stem Club Visits Stevens

The Stem Club Visits Stevens

| On 24, May 2023

On May 19th Hudson Catholic’s stem club took part in the Stevens ACES Partnership Day at Stevens Institute of Technology. Students were given a unique tour of campus and got to meet many professors and students. Students had the opportunity to learn about what some of these people do and how they matter to the university. They showed them their advanced technology and devices, and explained that they hope to help develop them further into universal home friendly products.

“It was a joy to see some of their bio engineering technology and learn from some of the students and professors,” says Sophomore stem club member Daniel Fuentes, “We even had the chance to experience a special room they had with pressure pads and IR tracking technology which could be used to help people with balance issues.”

Stem club members also learned about astronomy, telescopes, and gravity. But, one of the most notable pieces of technologies on display was a newly developed gripper hands for robotic arms. They could be used for moving injured people or really any small objects.

The stem club learned much about modern technology and had a lot of fun exploring the Stevens campus. Now, some members are considering a future with Stevens after being presented with their vast amount of facilities and great community. Make sure to keep an eye out for other stem club opportunities in the future if you’re interested in experiencing these things for yourself!

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