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Fall Fashion ’15

Fall Fashion ’15
Keith Fajardo

Keith Fajardo is The Commentator’s lead fashion columnist. In this Fall Fashion Preview, Keith explains what’s in this season.

Male Fashion Trends

• drop-crotch shorts/pants
Now I’d hate to admit that Justin Bieber started this, but he did, and ever since then they have been all the rave.
• slim fit lengthy shirts
Most of the boys I know would never wear them, but they’re actually very stylish, and some boys at Hudson already wear similar shirts. Why not take it a step further?
• cardigan capes
Have you ever seen those really long cardigans at 21 Men? If not, you should be looking! They are this year’s best fashion trend. I have a few, and they’re comfortable and fashionable.
Hispanic culture is all around and definitely impacts the fashion industry this season. Ponchos are easy to wear with any casual look.
• full body jumpsuits
I have one I’m looking forward to wearing to an upcoming party! They’re definitely in this season and super cute to wear.
Female Fashion Trends
• carwash pleats
These skirts are definitely super cute and are in this fall! I’ve seen them on the runway in turtle necks and lengthy wool cardigans. Odd, but in.
• stomp boots
These types of boots include rain boots, combat boots, and other variations. They definitely look cute with any dark pants and/or outfit.
• flare skirts
These skirts used to be looked down upon, but this fall they are definitely the skirts you want to pair with formal attire. They are cute and a slender fit.
• jackets with fur cuffs
These jackets are personally very cute to me, but I know they might look off-putting to some people. Regardless, they’re in this season and are definitely worth at least trying on.
• high-waisted pants
Now, I love a good high-waisted outfit! It’s literally my favorite women’s fashion choice and it doesn’t disappoint with any outfit. Get yourself a pair and put an outfit together, girl.

That about wraps it up for the fall fashion trends. Hope to see you all rocking the awesome runway looks that seem to be flooding the Internet. I’ll definitely be wearing them as well!


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