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Winter Uniforms Launched

Winter Uniforms Launched
Tiana Anton

Winter uniforms came into full effect at the Hawk’s Nest on Tuesday, October 13, 2015, due to the weather getting cooler. Time for all student to pull out the button ups and cardigans, the guys to bring out the ties, and the ladies to bring out the black and gold skirts.

The weather hasn’t been too cold lately, but annoyingly inconsistent. It was warm for a couple of days, then turned very cool when Hurricane Joaquin made his way up north. After the rainstorm, the temperature has been up and down. Students would arrive to school in the morning wearing sweatshirts and leave sweating. Most students claim it’s a little too early for the winter uniform and having to wear the cardigan when it’s been over 70 degrees this week.

Would it have been a better idea to push the winter uniform to the week of October 26? After all, Hudson Catholic Spirit Week is right around the corner, starting Monday October 19. Students will barely be wearing uniform at all as this past week, there were only three school days for seniors due to Columbus Day and the PSAT testing date. Because of this, students would most likely have preferred the comfort of wearing the summer uniforms for this short school week and starting the winter uniform following Spirit Week.

But, what’s done is done. The seasons may have been slowly transitioning from summer to autumn, but our uniforms have already gone from summer to winter.