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Winter Pep Rally Booms and Busts

Winter Pep Rally Booms and Busts

| On 12, Feb 2016

The Hudson Catholic Winter Pep Rally took place on Friday, February 5th. Let’s go over the best and worst moments of this season’s rally, the BOOMs and BUSTs.

The Team Chants

As a bowler, I must say that standing with my team in the middle of the gym surrounded by the entire school and shouting the team chant is a pretty cool experience. It would be nice if the DJ played a song that we specifically requested, but overall I can’t complain. All the teams looked and sounded great.

Judgment: BOOM


The Jello Eating Contest

Now, let’s talk about that Jello contest. Sigh. To be honest, for those competing in this contest it probably wasn’t all that bad, but for the people in the crowd who couldn’t see what was going on, it was just impossible to get into.

Judgment: BUST


The Free Throw Competition

This was the most engaging aspect of the pep rally.  The two teams, girls versus boys, each had one basketball team player and one non-player, which made the completion that much more fun. The crowd got really into this event, cheering on their classmates at peak volume. The real players made quick work of everybody, and the boys ended up winning.

Judgment: BOOM

Two of the three activities were pretty successful, but some moments of this pep rally really dragged, and leaving 15 minutes after the dismissal bell didn’t help. Maybe a bit more student freedom and more activities to engage the entire crowd could make the next pep rally better. This pep rally had some great moments, but some just fell flat.

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