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How to Pitch the Perfect Promposal

How to Pitch the Perfect Promposal

| On 21, Mar 2016

Throughout my 4 years at Hudson, I have seen MAYBE two promposals here. Prom is one of the major events that a girl looks forward to, and hopefully she can have a guy to experience it with. Girls love big surprises, and prom is supposed to be memorable, right? Listen up, guys! Here are some tips to make your promposal creative, unique, and unforgettable.

**Also, a quick note: Girls can also prompose to guys – it’s 2016 – so pay attention, ladies.

  1. BE CREATIVE – Girls don’t want a promposal that is dull or one that they have already seen all over Instagram or Facebook a thousand times. If you’re planing to execute the perfect promposal, think of something the girl likes to do and base your request on her interests. For example, if the girl you want to take the prom likes to play soccer, maybe it could go a little something like this: “It would be my GOAL to go to prom with you!” For additional flair, you can decorate a soccer ball with her name and photos. Think outside the box.
  2. BE YOURSELF – Don’t take it too seriously, and don’t try to be someone you are not. It doesn’t have to be too intense. You can return that Cupid costume you ordered. Don’t forget that the person who need to impress is the person you are asking, not everyone else in the room or on social media. Also, don’t go all out and spend beyond your means for the promposal, or else you run the risk of being broke on prom night.
  3. IF YOU’RE IN A RELATIONSHIP ALREADY – Having a boyfriend or girlfriend does NOT mean you have an automatic prom date. People still like being wooed and pursued, guy or girl. If you’re already in a relationship, here’s your chance to do something extra special for the person who puts up with you all year long.

Prom should be stress free. The most important guideline of all is to have fun!

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