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Poetry: “I Still Miss You, Rufus”

Poetry: “I Still Miss You, Rufus”

| On 14, Jan 2020

I Still Miss You, Rufus

Remembering when I was in kindergarten is hard

Besides all the parts when we used to play in the school play yard

Holding hands as we walk back up from lunch

Making friends whose names we were still trying to remember for months

Kindergarten was pretty eventful

Except for all of that pain your family and I went through

Saying goodbye and watching your casket close

Really hurts me more than anyone could ever know

It’s been over 10 years since you breathed your last breath

Still remember you being my best friend

Wishing we could go back in time

Just so I could see your face one more time

It’s been so long and I’m starting to forget 

I started my sophomore year in high school 

Wishing you were there with me

We should’ve been doing everything together

Getting our 8th grade diplomas

Writing our first poems

Singing our favorite songs

Beating up the people that did you and I wrong

There’s no one in this lifetime nor the next that can replace you

As I began to get older memories of you started to flood in

Some nights I cry when I think of you 

Sometimes I just try to ignore them

You pop into my head at random times and make it difficult for me to do what I need to do

I know God’s taking care of you up there

But I just wish you could visit me sometimes

Maybe we could be young again and play in the school’s play yard

Hold hands while we go up from lunch

And try to remember kids names for months

But although I know that won’t come true

Don’t worry Rufus, because I still miss you


  1. Sandra Tune

    Beautiful my daughter

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