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Catching Up with Reggie Cameron ’13

Catching Up with Reggie Cameron ’13

| On 08, Mar 2016

The Commentator had the privilege of sitting down with Hudson Catholic alumnus Reggie Cameron, class of 2013, to speak about his high school and college experiences as well as his burgeoning basketball career. Students can find his name currently hanging up in the Hudson Catholic gymnasium on the 1000 Points banner. Cameron was known for being a great student athlete at Hudson, for his goofy personality, and for towering over everyone else. He is currently attending and playing for Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Read further to get a glimpse in the life of a Hudson Catholic alumnus.

The Commentator: By the time your senior year at Hudson Catholic came around, you were pretty much known as the star student athlete. What was that like for you?

Reggie Cameron: I mean, I guess it was regular.

TC: Nothing was different?

RC: Well, there was a lot more attention and pressure on me than others, but I didn’t feel different from anyone.

TC: How was it playing for Nicholas Mariniello, head basketball coach and athletic director at Hudson Catholic?

RC: It was great. He did his best to help his athletes on and off the court when he could, and helped prepare me for my future.

TC: I understand you went to Paterson Catholic before it closed down. Why did you choose to come to Hudson Catholic?

RC: I felt the most comfortable there, knowing the coaching staff and the environment had my back. It was like a family. Plus Kavon came with me too.

TC: How do you think you and Kavon Stewart changed the game of basketball for Hudson Catholic?

RC: We started winning. We got it poppin’ [laughs]. We knew coming in that we’d have a young team, but we worked with it and got the buzz out about Hudson Catholic basketball, and I think we tried setting the bar higher.

TC: Knowing your former teammates like Kyle Anderson and Myles Mack were at St. Anthony’s, our crosstown rivalry school, what was playing against them like?

RC: Um, it was fun because I played AAU with them and we grew up together. The fact that it was either between [St. Anthony’s] and Hudson as our top two choices, it just sucked that we lost.

TC: And do you still keep contact with them today?

RC: Yeah, I talk to Kyle a couple times a week and Kavon too. We’re still all cool.

TC: How did your high school basketball career prepare you for your college basketball career?

RC: Well, Coach Nick and the other coaches tried to talk to me a lot not only for my high school years, but for what to expect in college. They helped me a lot, so when I got there I was pretty prepared and knew what it would be like.

TC: Was that transition hard?

RC: Hell yeah! Everyone was bigger and stronger and faster there. I went from being the top, the tallest in high school, to being somewhere where I was only average.

TC: How has your college experience as a D1 basketball player at a school like Georgetown been?

RC: It’s been exciting. At the end of the day, I’m very thankful and blessed for the experience because not everyone gets one like this.

TC: What other schools were you considering committing to? What made you decide to become a Georgetown Hoya?

RC: My last six choices were UCONN, NC State, University of Miami, Seton Hall, UNC, and of course Georgetown. It has a great basketball program and great academic fields to study. Also being in D.C. is far enough from home, but close enough where I can get home or family and friends can come see me.

TC: How would you say this season is going for you?

RC: Individually, I have my moments and make the most of it. There’s been times where everything is great and times I wish I was better. It’s just taught me that in the end, I have to keep my head up and keep going.

TC: Being a junior, do you have any plans for after college?

RC: I want to play basketball as long as I can and hopefully proceed onto coaching when that’s over.

TC: How do you expect your senior year to be both athletically and academically?

RC: I mean, it’s going to be fine academically. I’m where I’m supposed to be on the course to graduate. Athletically, I hope I can reach my own expectations and as a team. Hopefully we can win an NCAA tournament.

TC: Back to Hudson Catholic—Do you think the new #5 has big shoes to fill?

RC: Absolutely. I think I did a lot in that jersey and for Hudson Catholic’s basketball program. While there, I made First Team Tri-State as a senior, County Player of the Year in 2011 and 2012, and I was First Team All-State in 2012 and Second Team All-State the year before that.

TC: Current sophomore Jahvon Quinerly came into the school last year a being a big key player himself. How do you feel about him wearing #5?

RC: To be honest, at first, I was like, “Hell nah.” I didn’t want anyone else to have that number after I was gone. But knowing he’s from the same hometown, Hackensack, and knowing he’s a great player put me at ease. He said he wanted to wear it because it was his number too, and then Coach Nick asked and I said he had to wear it right, which he has so far.

TC: What is coming home now like for you?

RC: Pretty boring, actually [laughs] I mean a lot of my high school friends play ball in college too so they’re not all always there at the same time. If they are, it’s only for a couple days like I am so we don’t get to link up every time.

TC: Would you consider Hudson a second home?

RC: Of course. When Kavon and I went there, they took us in with open arms. Still to this day, I feel like I carry that Hawk Pride with me everywhere I go.


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