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Interview: Football Coach Lou Zampella

Interview: Football Coach Lou Zampella

| On 09, Mar 2016

The Commentator: What was high school like back in your generation?

Lou Zampella: High school was much different then it is today. Back then I attended Hudson Catholic Regional High School when it was an all boys school and I graduated in 1993. When I was a student I tended to break the rules, but I always managed to get my work done in the classroom.

TC: In high school did you play any sports?

LZ: Yes, I played football. I was a quarterback and a little bit of a linebacker. In the middle of my senior year, I knew I would have a calling to be a coach because football is very close to my heart.  After I graduated college I coached the St. Peter’s College team and then I came back to Hudson Catholic to become a coach.

TC: Other than coaching, what is your profession?

LZ: Well, I’m a captain of a Fire Department in Hoboken,NJ. I’m also an entrepreneur and I own my own restaurant in Hoboken, at 230 Washington Street.

TC: What made you get interested in owning a business?

LZ: I actually wasn’t interested in business at first. The restaurant was left to me by a late family member and at first I thought, “ I can’t run a business” – but when I sat down with my closest friends and family, they helped me get it to be a successful restaurant and local attraction in Hoboken.

TC: What does your daily schedule consists of?

LZ:  Usually if I’m not in the firehouse with my firefighters, or in the restaurant, or with the football team, I’m with my closest friends traveling to different cities across the country, such as Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

TC: What is your greatest moment with your team and greatest achievement in your life?

LZ: My greatest moment with my team is when we went on an undefeated streak for seven games, and my greatest achievement in my life is when I became a captain of my hometown fire department.

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