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Tips for Next Year’s Seniors

Tips for Next Year’s Seniors

| On 18, Apr 2016

Tip #1: Do not slack off on your school work. Finish the senior year off strong. Senoritis is real!

Tip #2: Try to finish all of your college applications by the end of December, so after winter break you can just wait to get your acceptance letters. Make sure you pay attention to all deadlines because it is important to send applications on time.

Tip #3: Grades matter! Even if you’re accepted into the college you want to go to, if your grades start dropping, colleges may withdraw your acceptance.

Tip #4: Senior year is expensive! Make sure you budget your money. Prom and senior trips are approaching.

Tip #5: Try to be on time to school and all classes. Hudson Catholic only allows 5 excused latenesses. If you are late, you must go to detention or you will have to make them up during the summer.

Tip #6: Go to all, if not most, of all of your high school games. It’s your last year and its a great way to make fun memories with your friends.

Tip #7: Have fun an make the best of your final year in high school!

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