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Hawks Girls Tennis Smacks Lincoln

Hawks Girls Tennis Smacks Lincoln

| On 21, Sep 2016

Hudson Catholic’s girls tennis team won all 3 single matches against Lincoln High School on September 20, 2016, at Lincoln Park.

Senior Kayla Santos won both of her sets 6-0 while sophomore Danielle Acanto finished up her sets 6-1 and 6-0. Freshman Sabina del Río won her two sets 6-0, allowing Hudson Catholic to blow out the competition.

The Commentator spoke to team captain Santos about what she is looking forward to in her last season.

“Mostly to have fun with my team, especially because it’s my last year with them. And to win as many games as I can to beat my other records,” Santos said.

When asked to impart words of wisdom or advice to her fellow teammates, Santos insisted that it’s all about having fun.

“Work hard and don’t let matches get into your head,” Santos said. “Just have fun out there. Don’t get too nervous. [That is my] number one, number one advice.”

Ms. Anna Schreiber, team coach, shared how she thinks the girls are playing this season and if they will continue to improve.

“They are playing very hard and are very competitive. I believe they will improve as the season goes on and as they build their confidence and experience,” Ms. Schreiber said.

The game lasted no more than one hour. As the matches came to quick endings, each competitor shook hands with her opponent and with the opposing coach. The girls tennis team is starting their season off nice and fresh with a clean start, a new captain, and a new coach. They hope to play confidently while still having fun this season.

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