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Endorsement: Clinton for President

Endorsement: Clinton for President

| On 16, Oct 2016

The views expressed in this piece reflect the majority of the student editorial staff of The Commentator. This piece does not reflect the views of Hudson Catholic Regional High School nor does it speak for every member of the staff. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

Last week, each member of the The Commentator‘s student editorial staff was asked to provide a thoughtful written response to the question, “Who should we endorse for president?” After each response was carefully considered, the vast majority of the staff felt that Secretary Hillary Clinton is deserving of our official endorsement, for varying reasons.

While each member was specific in his or her reasoning, one submission stood out among the rest, putting forth a sound and compelling argument for the election of Clinton, and one that seemed to sum up the thoughts of his classmates. That submission came from senior Anthony Del Monte. Please read his words below.

The Commentator should without a doubt endorse Hillary Clinton for president. Clinton is not a perfect candidate, and has many flaws, but she is the most qualified, experienced, and best alternative to Donald Trump.

There will always be a political divide in this country between Democrats and Republicans, but Donald Trump does not represent the interests of the true Republican party. 

Trump wants to scapegoat an entire religion and ban their immigration to the U.S., a country that was founded on the principles of religious freedom. This is just one of many reasons why he is unfit for the presidency. 

Simply put, Trump is a bigot. He is ignorant, Islamophobic, misogynistic, and sociopathic. He cannot be allowed in the White House.

The president of the U.S. needs to represent all Americans, regardless of views, color, or religion. We cannot let Trump be the face of our country solely because he promises “change.” His vision of change is not a good thing, and will divide us even further than we are now. He is using people’s fear and anger to gather votes for himself, but in a time of many problems we need to stay calm and come together.

Hillary Clinton has been in politics for many years and has fought for the American people, and she will continue to do so if we elect her as president.



  1. Victoria Landa

    First of all your title, ”Endorsement: Clinton For President” is a misnomer because your article is more of a dire warning and threat than a endorsement. Next, the photograph you have chosen is of a smirking wannabe dictator, not a positive female role model for America’s youth. Certainly there is doubt about your endorsement because in your disclaimer you said your article does not represent everyone. Without stating why or how she is experienced or qualified you immediately cast her as the best ”alternative to Trump”, whom you go on to say in your article ”cannot be allowed” to be president. You go on to perpetuate the false left-right paradigm by stating that Democrats and Republicans are divided. In reality, offshore banks and foreign corporations own and control both parties. For example, there is the case of the Bilderberg Group, which Hillary Clinton has been known to attend. You have repeated inane mainstream media talking points and have committed the cardinal sin that all English teachers warn you must not do: you listed a series of meaningless adjectives. That is not a way to add color or substance to your writing. Trump is calling for an America-first policy and that is not xenophobic or isolationist. Globalism has wrecked our American economy and Hillary Clinton works for the globalists, a ruthless gaggle of criminal oligarchs. It was Obama who mindlessly promised ”change” and as we have seen, both Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton are pliable tools in the hands of Wall Street banksters. Desperate times call for desperate measures and you are acting as if there is nothing wrong with America or allowing Hillary Clinton to become its spokesperson. Finally, your conclusion should read something like: ”Hillary Clinton has been in politics for decades and has accomplished much in the way of the outright condemnation of ”everyday Americans”.

  2. The Commentator

    This piece represents the majority of the editorial staff, not just one person’s opinion. While we encourage intelligent debate, let’s remember to keep it professional – all comments are being moderated.

  3. Anonymous

    Victoria, while I find your comments passionate, all they accomplish is placing blame and name calls (sounds familiar). An intelligent debate requires an open mind, that is the beauty of our democracy. Hillary is more than qualified. She has served as First Lady, New York Senator, and Secretary of State.
    She has worked tirelessly on health care reform; supported funding for first responders post 9/11; worked on legislation for green energy, increased wages, green energy, equal pay for women and not to mention was instrumental in the killing of Osama Bin Laden. What has Trump done?????
    He has failed businesses, has evaded tax payments, lived a very lavish and privileged life. What EXACTLY will he do for the everyday American when he cannot even relate to the everyday American??? He has not presented one coherent policy about the issues that face everyday Americans. In FACT, all he has presented are vile, vulgar and indecent assertions about people he cares nothing about. He does not care for women. He does not care for immigrants. He does not care for veterans. He does no care for the disabled. He does not care for gold star families. He does care about you or me. All he has proven is that he is not fit, nor qualified, nor is representative of a decent human being becoming the President of the United States.

    • Victoria Landa

      Anonymous, democracy hasn’t been around for a while, and our once-constitutional republic been converted into an oligarchy. Hillary has been in the public eye for an entire generation and has not done anything truly progressive for the country. In fact, as Dinesh D’Souza writes in his book Hillary’s America, ‘’Hillary served as a U.S senator from New York but did not propose a single important piece of legislation; her record is literally a blank slate.’’ A liberal blogger by the name of Markos Moulitsas reveals that she ‘’doesn’t have a single memorable policy or legislative accomplishment to her name.’’ Also “As secretary of state,” D’Souza writes ‘’Hillary has negotiated no treaties, secured no agreements, prevented no conflicts – in short, she accomplished nothing.’’

      Hillary Clinton is bought and paid-for by global interests. She paints herself as a progressive and supporter of green energy but the truth is she works for and takes money from oil companies. She is not green. Mrs.Clinton is a supporter of the fossil fuel industry and a defender of fracking. In fact last year she spoke out at a meeting and said that extreme environmental activists need to “get a life.” According to newly obtained emails posted by WikiLeaks, she has contempt for “everyday Americans.”

      The gender “wage gap” is completely untrue. The Equal Pay Act was passed in 1963 abolishing wage disparity based on sex. Women already have equal pay and are actually dominating in high paying careers. Hillary is anti-woman, she deliberately intimidated and suppressed women with whom Bill Clinton had affairs with but also those women who were unwilling participants against sexual cases.
      Notably, Obama never got Osama. They never released any videos or photos. Even Hillary herself said she did not witness the raid. Most experts have exposed it as a re-election hoax and a stunt by Obama. What has Trump done? He is an American success story and positive American icon and she is the opposite of that—a career politician embroiled in international controversy. Saudi Arabia bosses her around when Trump actually IS a boss.

      Trump grew up in NYC and has been competing and trading with businesses all over the world. He knows policy and he’s tired of all these politicians corrupting everything. Obviously a lot of people can relate to and they’re for Trump, especially the military! Trump relates to everyday Americans because he employs them. He is not a failed businessman. If he was, how is he still in business?

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