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Op-Ed: Unhappy Halloween

Op-Ed: Unhappy Halloween

| On 25, Oct 2016

This piece reflects the beliefs of its author. It does not represent the views of The Commentator as a whole, nor does it represent the opinion of Hudson Catholic Regional High School.

Hudson Catholic maintains very strict rules and regulations for its student body. For boys it’s no earrings, no beards; for girls, no color in their hair, and their skirts must be a certain length. All students must be dressed in school uniform at all times–no Uggs, no tattoos. Also, no phones!

But a rule that is truly shocking is that the students are not allowed to dress up for Halloween.

As far as this reporter has learned, students were allowed to dress up as recently as 2013, but students weren’t dressing as appropriately as young men and women in a Catholic high school. Dean of Students Mr. Matthews then changed the rules.

I would like to suggest a petition that respectfully asks the administration to reconsider their no-costume-on-Halloween rule, with the promise of the student body that appropriate dress will be worn. We recently celebrated Spirit Week where students were encouraged to dress up in costume, and it was successful. Can’t we recreate that for Halloween?

Some of the rules are fair and others are unfair, but I feel like the students and the administration should work together to come up with a solution to this Halloween issue.



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