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Everything’s 1K

Everything’s 1K

| On 28, Mar 2017

The Commentator had the pleasure of interviewing senior Tania Scott, #21 on our girls basketball team and newest to the list of 1000 point scorers.

The Commentator: How long have you been playing basketball?

Tania Scott: I’ve been playing basketball since I was in the 4th grade.

TC: What does the sport mean to you?

TS :Basketball means everything to me. It’s something I love to do and I want to do it until I can’t anymore. It’s a tool I can use to get me to the next level in life, believe it or not.

TC: What is it about the game that you love?

TS: I love the competitive nature of the game. I am a competitor.

TC: What is it that you dislike?

A: I don’t dislike anything about basketball.

TC: How did it feel reaching 1000 points?

TS: It felt great reaching my 1000. Throughout the season I didn’t really think about it; I only focused on winning and the team, but when it finally happened I felt a sense of accomplishment. There can only be one first of everything.

TC: Did you think you were gonna reach 1k in your high school career?

A: I never really thought about it; I always focused on the team first.

TC: How did your family feel?

TS (laughing): My family was more excited than I was.

TC: Does it like feel being a senior about to graduate and your high school basketball career being almost over is more bitter or sweet?

TS: I would say it’s more sweet. I’ve accomplished a lot in four years both academically and athletically. I’ll always be a Hawk at heart.

TC: Do you plan on continuing to play basketball?

TS: Yes, I do plan on continuing to play basketball.

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