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Madam President

Madam President

| On 14, Nov 2017

Meet Katie Boyle: senior, athlete, and student council class president. The Commentator sat down with Katie as the first quarter is coming to an end to see how she thinks the school year is going so far.

“I believe this school year [in regards to student council] has been going great. We have been working extremely hard to make this year as enjoyable as possible. Spirit week seemed to be a success. The student vs faculty volleyball game seemed to really get the school spirit up and that is just what I hoped to do. Following the game we had color wars and the students really got into it . From representing their color to decorating their hallways the school was flooded with blue, red, green, and yellow. Also, the powder puff game seemed to be a success, even though the senior class lost. We will be back to reclaim the victory!”

The Commentator then asked Boyle how the school year has been for her personally up to this point

“My senior year has been treating me well. I am under a lot of stress between student council, soccer, La Sallian Youth, tutoring, and much more but I don’t know what my life would be if I wasn’t always so busy. I want to make Hudson Catholic the most enjoyable place before I sadly walk out those front doors for the last time in June.”

Despite her busy schedule, that hasn’t stopped Boyle from continuing to plan with the rest of the student council for a fun-filled school year.

“Student council has a lot more planned for the student body, but those will all be surprises and you will all have to wait.”

Before the successful spirit week, The Commentator asked which event Boyle was looking most forward to.

“The color wars because I truly believe everyone will really get into the spirit. We are a school full of athletes and competition is what we feed on. The juniors and seniors went back and forth during penny wars sabotaging each other, but while doing this we raised money for the hurricane victims. Thursday should be interesting to see which class will come out on top.”

And where will Madam President be heading next fall?

“I’m applying to colleges across the country, but I’m really not sure where I would like to attend.”

No matter where you go, Katie, the Hawks will always expect great things from you!

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