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Pros and Cons of American Imperialism

Pros and Cons of American Imperialism

| On 07, Jan 2018

The US has significant effects on other countries in terms of pop culture, technology, business practices, and more. However, the gravity of how much influence America has on other governments is evident in American Imperialism, which is the military, economic, and cultural influence of the US on other lands, usually going hand-in-hand with expansion on a grand scale into other territories.

The burning question is, “Does the constitution follow the flag?” and the answer is a resounding no. When they were conquered, the American territories did not enjoy the same rights that Americans in the mainland did. The US government operated on the idea that the peoples of these newly acquired lands were inferior to Americans, and thus not capable of holding the responsibilities of a mainland American citizen.

There are many pros and cons to American imperialism. One positive for the US is that it expands territories. The more territories you have, the greater power you have. It gives access to many resources, and presently the US dominates over Guam, Puerto Rico, Samoa, The Northern Mariana Islands, and the US Virgin Islands. Imperialism also gives a boost to the economy, not just for the United States who uses the resources for trade, but for the territory itself. The United States brings technology, industries, government policies, and privileges American citizens possess to these territories. Also, the US has many military bases around the world, and in return the US aids these territories with protection.

However, there are many cons that follow American imperialism. American imperialism kills the tradition of the indigenous peoples, who lose their identity and tradition. In many cases, the territories’ own people grow to discriminate against what is local and originally of their own native culture.

Additionally, it can be argued that the possession of territories is not necessary and perhaps even counterintuitive, as the US spends so much money on bases scattered around the world and helping the economy of those islands. They are expensive to keep, and the US is already quite expansive.

American people talk so much about freedom and have fought a war over it, but the American territories don’t even have full freedom. The United States controls the islands and they cannot act on their own. The people there are expected to follow American culture or risk discrimination on social and economic playing fields.

How do you feel about American Imperialism? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Richard Garibell


    I liked your commentary on the United States and the US territories. My feelings are that it would be most important for those citizens that are native to the territory and reside there have the ultimate decision on their status. The vote in Puerto Rico was interesting. Their economy, even before the tragic hurricanes, was near bankruptcy. Would statehood help them? Would independence be the better option? Currently, statements nmade by our current President don’t help the situation. I think that the situation with Puerto Rico and the problems with their infrstructure certainly need to be addressed. I enjoyed your article very much.

    Mr. G

  2. Justin Williams

    What’s the point of the US owning these islands if they are so expensive to keep? Isn’t this just putting more stress on our US government?
    – From Justin Williams

  3. Anaya Khalid

    I feel as though this was an interesting topic to speak on. I wonder if the state itself can help Puerto Rico because before their country was destroyed it was many problems that they still did not overcome as a whole.


    I feel like there’s nothing wrong with the US owning different islands but , isn’t that harder for the US ? The US now have to take care of these islands they own .

    -Marcus chambers

  5. Kris Jacobsen

    I agree with American imperialism because I feel we need to keep our trade and military at the top of the charts. These two things are very big for America and is what helps us be a great country. I do agree that it can ruin culture and I also feel they can be better with other countries and support better without ruining their traditions. I also believe we could support more with natural disaster reliefs so we can help these low economic countries recover from such horrible disasters, for example Puerto Rico.

    -Kris Jacobsen

  6. Alexis Nunez

    I believe that America should not change or attempt to change cultures or people. America is suppsed to be the land of the free but they arent free to their own cultures. America is made up of so many people and so many different people it makes us who we are and we shouldnt chnage that
    -Alexis Nunez

  7. Ian Kan

    American Imperialism is an extremely important component especially at this point in time where we as a country need to show dominance over others. We need our presence to be viewed as very powerful and a leading nation. And with other countries adapting to the American ways we will expand even more.

  8. Jessialis

    I dont agree with american imperialism because it ruins culture, as well as family traditions.
    – Jessialis Ortiz

  9. Fabiola Lopez

    As “tempting” as it sounds to expand our country and add more states, but would it really be smart to make this bold move? wouldn’t we be in more debt? im sure it would be beneficial to puerto ricans, but how would it be beneficial to us?

  10. William Reyna

    If they are going to be owning country they shouldn’t take away the other countries traditions and lifestyles

  11. Izzie

    I agree , but America shouldn’t be imperialist. It’s more money especially because we always help other countries

  12. I agree with imperialism because the United States don’t help anyone anymore of how we are becoming. They should start helping everyone that needs it.

  13. Andres Castro

    I believe in American imperialism because the more territories you have the more resources you can have with more resources comes a better economy for your country. But at the same time comes more responsibility on the country having more places to worry about.

    -Andres Castro

  14. Brandon Melendez

    This was an interesting topic, even though we had a good one thing going in the country out there on the island it wasn’t the same people out there were treated differently as they weren’t apart of our country.
    – Brandon Melendez

  15. Nathaniel Pitao

    I agree that American imperialism is both good and bad due to the fact that we assist other countries and it gives a big boost for the economy, but then again, it strips countries that are territories of the U.S. of their freedom and their identity.

  16. Anthony Joseph Perrenod

    I was very interested in the Red Scare and how Russia has such a big impact on American History. And also on how Lenin made the communist list and was pretty much against the constitution.

    -Aj Perrenod

    • Mr. Coe

      I appreciate your comment, but it has nothing to do with this article.

      Mr. Coe

  17. Zeyn Ahmad

    Those islands that America owns should have the right to make their own descisions and govern themselves and have their own leaders who can make the calls and not have American representatives over their shoulder telling them what to do.

  18. I don’t believe in America imperialism because if America is the land of the free , then it should allow people to have their own culture. America needs to stop trying to control everyone and everything .

  19. Yi Wang

    American imperialism is partly based on American exceptionalism, the idea that the United States is different from other countries because of its specific world mission to spread liberty and democracy. I agree with imperialism because they should start helping everyone that needs it.

  20. Lea Gustafsson

    I feel like America should leave those islands and let them do what feels right for themselves have their own rules instead of America controlling every move. Also theres more money involved which can lead to downfalls, a lot of pressure.

    – Lea Gustafsson

  21. Yasin Peppers

    I agree with the author on this article due to her reasoning on why this Country was built which was for freedom. We control other territories without great reasoning stripping away their culture, uniqueness, and identity. In a way we are being hypocritical by not letting those islands govern themselves and define freedom in their own way.

  22. Nelson Gonzalez

    I don’t agree with imperialism because if the territories become states it takes away their culture. Also, there is no need to expand overseas.

  23. Jiayi Wang

    I can’t agree with American Imperialism. I think what is more important for the government should be the living condition of its people. The money spent on military may have better use on people living in this country. American government keep acting a “policeman” for the world. But the government should give people freedom to make choice. Of course, military is important. But what is more important is the people.

  24. Haylee ramirez

    I feel like American Imperialism disconnects countries from their traditions and culture. In a way everyone should have their own beliefs and live by it.

  25. Matthew Roman

    I agree with American Imperialism, because it’s shows that America is dominant and that they have the full capability of maintaining their own land as well as others while still aiding them on what they need.

  26. Felicity Flores

    Although American imperialism expanded our territory and had an economic growth, it still effected the diversity and culture the people had as they took it away from them. To over power an island and not fulfill the needs for the people does not support the fact that America is the land of the free. Their culture and traditions is what should be more important as it shapes our country into a better way of living.

  27. Todd Coles

    It’s a good idea for the US to have these islands but they have to make sure they stay on top of everything and don’t let it get out of hand.

  28. Kaila Fields

    I feel like the US shouldn’t have these islands so they can focus on becoming a better nation first.

  29. Yasmeen M.

    I believe these smaller territories need us. I’m not saying that imperialism is okay because it’s not okay to force something on people but they need us on there side

  30. Pinjie Yang

    I disagree American Imperialism, although it promotes economic development, and aids these territories with protection, it also deprived the identity and tradition of the territories, it is not they really want.

  31. Lua Fattorusso

    I find it ironic how the U.S. flag figuratively represents freedom, while the territories the country owns don’t have their own freedom.

  32. Tyreek

    Why own all of these properties when it’s putting us in more debt and making more problems for our government.

  33. Jayda Mullins

    My thing is why does America always say we are in debt, aren’t these the reasons why we stay in debt?

  34. Joseph Young

    I think that the islands should be able to make their own decisions. They should have free will in what they want to do

  35. alexsandra mojica

    I agree and disagree with this article. I agree with this article because it states that we Americans provide freedom for those Islands. When reading this it says that America ruins traditions, again I disagree but agree I feel like America gives opportunity to many people out there and compared to other states, country’s and islands we have so much more freedom then them. Yet again there’s a lot of things that the people in America do wrong but America itself is as free as it can be.

  36. Nguyet Nguyen

    I believe one of the reasons why America is great is because there are many cultures in the world came here and become one big country. American imperialism should not take away their family traditions and lifestyles.

  37. Hasan Dominick

    Hasan Dominick

    The island should have their own freedom and the government should have to watch over them.

  38. Simone Abdullahi

    I do not agree with American imperialism. Attempting to change people’s ways of life will restrict them and contradict the Bill of Rights. Adding more states to our country, especially at this time, is not a smart idea. The cons outweigh the pros. There would be an increase in debt, as well as poverty, and a higher unemployment rate. What about the flag? Will a new star have to be added? ~ Simone Abdullahi

  39. Joshua Ortiz

    As out country being a super power of the world, it seems as we should look over and help those in need. But with that, the country should be the first priority. It is a lot of responsibility and expensive to have other territories. As good as it sounds, if we do not benefit than we should not join.

  40. David Rosado

    I feel like American imperialism is good because we gain from it, such as boost in economy, resources from new territories, etc. but it can be bad for the people of the lands we take because they probably won’t be seen as citizens and they’ll lose what makes their people unique.

  41. Steven Beck

    Its hard for me to agree or disagree with American Imperialism because it’s a hit or miss. If America expands into new territories and gains nothing in return but just land and no resources its a miss. Even if a natural disaster occurs and destroys thousands of houses and causes billions of dollars worth of damage its just more money being spent then being made and America is already in trillions of dollars of debt. On the other hand if that territory provides resources and makes us a more powerful country its a hit and can really be beneficial to the U.S.

  42. Emmanuel V

    I agree with Americans imperialism because it gives America a bigger role over the territories we control, but at the same time can help them on different problems they encounter over the years

  43. Sam

    I feel as though the US should take over the globe and follow in doofenshmirtz’s grand plan.

  44. Abdul Ali

    Imperialism has taken place and is still taking place today and so the question is…What can be done about it? Well, recognizing its impact as far as the past goes and how it is tied to the present would help, and so too, would the part it would more than likely, play in the future. Yes, it is up to us and down to us to develop an Imperialism Plan that would meet the 4 way test. We are really only here on earth to pass on our experiences to those who follow us along the pathway!

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