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How To Get on Track for A Great Third Quarter

How To Get on Track for A Great Third Quarter

| On 28, Jan 2018

So the third marking period has finally begun. Are you ready? If you clicked on this article you probably began the first and second marking period on a rocky start and have no idea how to fix it. No need to fear! Follow these simple tips for a successful start to the third marking period.

1. Do NOT Give Up. The mere fact that you have clicked on this article shows that you want to improve your grades, but your mentality must be in the right place. You gave up in first and second marking period, but do not forget that we are only halfway through the year and there is still hope.

2. Mindset and Motivation. Your mindset must be to not give up, but what is your motivation? Is it your parents, college, or simply wanting to improve your grades for yourself? Find that motivation and let that be your drive.

3. Talk to your teachers. Ask them what could you improve upon. “What can I do to improve my grades?” “Do you offer tutoring after school?” These are simple questions that go a long way and show your teachers you care. Think carefully–did you miss a couple of assignments? Can you make them up? It is always good to get insight from your educators.

4. Get organized. There are two ways you can organize: organize your work and organize your schedule. When it comes to organizing your work, what is it your are in need of? Binder? Folders? Planner? Everyone organizes differently…find your way! The second prong of this approach is to organize your schedule. This simply means managing your time effectively. Set aside a specific time everyday for studying and homework.

5. Get help! Go get help from your teacher, go to National Honor Society tutoring, or go online! On the internet there are countless tutorials and videos. Use them to your advantage!

6. Get some sleep. This might not be of what you think of right away, but getting eight hours of sleep is essential for your health and brain. Getting enough sleep will keep you awake in school and ready to learn. Get some sleep!

I hope these tips help you get yourself together in the third quarter. Are there any helpful tips we missed? Comment below!

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