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Poetry: “Halloween Night”

Poetry: “Halloween Night”

| On 26, Oct 2018


By Andrew Arroyo & Itzilli Florencio


T’was the week before All Hallow’s eve,

I was scared and couldn’t breathe.

As the monster emerges closely,

It’s a battle for my life mostly.

Watching my back as I run to the door,

But the door isn’t there anymore.

Oh no the monster is approaching,

He grabs me and my vision is going black slowly.


Feeling myself filled with a lot of despair,

Just in pure darkness I feel a glare.

My mind was filled with nothing but fright,

But I then started to see a light.

Starting to run towards it with my life,

As I woke up really surprised.

Looking around seeing that it was just a dream,

Starting to feel relieved.


I get up to see I’m in a pool of sweat,

That my sheets and covers are wet.

Walking up to the bathroom it’s really quiet,

As my mind and body started to riot.

The noise begins to come back,

Hearing it go smack smack smack.

I proceed into a long dark hallway,

There is a crack in the doorway.

Two bright green eyes glow,

I’m too late as he jumps out and roars.

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