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Delightful or Distasteful?

Delightful or Distasteful?

| On 27, Oct 2018

When is a Halloween costume too much? As a society, we should know what to wear and what not to wear for this holiday. Some costumes can be perceived on social media as fun, but also careless and offensive to certain groups of people. Most people know all the popular Halloween costumes such as zombies, witches, monsters, and pumpkins, but do they know the most offensive?

On social media, there are costumes that have no moral filter or boundaries that are posted on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social apps. People should follow a format that can inform us when we’re being appropriate or not before sharing with others. This next list compiles some costumes that remain fun and others that cross the line into being offensive


  • Characters from movies, television shows, video games or books
  • Celebrities
  • Food
  • Household Items


  • Costumes that require changing the color of your skin
  • Costumes that mimic an ethnicity, culture or religion
  • Any costumes that portray hatred towards victims of a tragic event (shootings, etc.)

There have been multiple reports that those participating in Halloween have been wearing costumes that mimic the Ku Klux Klan, Anne Frank, the Twin Towers, and school shooting victims. These costume ideas have received backlash all over social media for their blatant distaste and lack of morality. The purpose of Halloween is to celebrate as a community the fun of this enjoyable holiday. Wearing offensive and mocking outfits can ruin all the excitement and create massive controversy. So remember to carefully consider your costume this year before stepping outside and sharing it on social platforms. Be safe, and have a happy Halloween!

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