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Fiction: “Detective John O’Connor, BPD”

Fiction: “Detective John O’Connor, BPD”

| On 07, Feb 2019

My name is John O’Connor and I am a detective in the Boston Police Department and this is my report on the events of January 16th – January 25th 2008.

My partner James Ryan and I were heading out to a possible 211 on 722 Boylston St. at approximately  0945. Detective Ryan seemed out of the usual today; he wore a face that I only saw once before at the academy. He seemed flustered, nervous, and under the weather. I assumed his wife kicked him out again or he got sick from that nauseating roast beef that he always insists on getting at the diner, along with a non-complimentary black coffee. 

We arrive at the crime scene and on the floor, there was glass everywhere as the windows were wide open for all to see inside, we’ve discovered our point of entry. We walk through our point of entry, but not one cent was taken from the cash registers in the front. In fact, not one clerk was held at gunpoint. The thief thought the important stuff was in the safety deposit boxes, but only three boxes were open, all of which were the same numbers in a different order. The numbers were  369, 693, 936. I noticed this immediately, so I asked the bank whom those boxes belong to. It turns out all three belonged to the McDuffy crime family.

The McDuffy crime family was the biggest and baddest family in all of Boston. They know all the ins and out of this city and can exploit them at any time they need. They are well known for working with cops, so I didn’t know who I could trust. This was our first lead, and we could not afford to blow it with our knowledge falling into the wrong hands. We were truly alone. 

We make our way back to our precinct, and as we walk in through the door Captain McGordy called us to his office. As we closed the door behind us he started to say, “Keep your mouths closed, eyes open, and ears to the street. We are trying to keep this case as far away from the public as possible. The less they know the better. Do not give them anytime to prepare.”

I then asked, “Why are we targeting the McDuffys?”

He looked back with a face of anger as if I should have already answered that question for myself. He said, “We believe that the McDuffy’s have a new rival in town, as a new crime family is rising through the street ranks. They are messy and unorthodox, but they don’t leave any trails behind. They cause chaos everywhere they go. This nascent crime family is known as the O’Sullivan family.”

As detective Ryan stepped out for a phone call, me and the Captain work on our leads together, but there was nothing left at the crime scene besides a mess. We look at the picture of the glass all over the pavement floor and as we look for something that sticks out of the photos, we notice that the real evidence was under our noses the whole time.

The glass was broken towards the street side, meaning that the robbers broke the glass from the inside out,  which also meant that the point of entry was not where we had thought. Just as things were heating up, my partner walked back in and says “Captain, three bodies were found on 4 Yawkey Way in front of the stadium. They think it’s connected to our investigation.”

“What makes them say that?” The Captain wisely answered back with an unsatisfied look on his face.

Detective Ryan paused before replying lowly, “The bodies are labeled 3, 6, and 9.” 

We quickly rushed out of the precinct, accelerating down the streets of Boston. As we approached the crime scene we see the bloody corpses labeled 396. This box belonged to Patty McDuffy, who was the brains of the McDuffy family. Rumors are going around that he is responsible for the distribution of drugs by the family. At around 1130 a.m., we brought him in for questioning.

“Long time no see detective,” Patty said sarcastically.

“What was in the box, Patty?” I replied.

“Well, if I told you that would defeat the purpose of a SAFETY deposit box, wouldn’t it?” he said.

He obviously does not want the contents of this box to be known by the BPD. This has to be something against us or maybe something even more dangerous. Maybe blackmail, or even transaction codes. Our only chance of solving this case is figuring out what was in those cases. This could lead to who took what remained in the boxes.

We went back in, trying to pry out what was in the box, who was a threat to them, and whatever piece of information we could get our hands on. While we went back and forth with Patty, we began to try to get a case on him so we could work out a deal with him. We need to figure out what is in those boxes. They could be more valuable than we think. 

To be continued…

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