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Poetry: “America”

Poetry: “America”

| On 24, Feb 2019

America is now presented as a country in shambles 

To live here is more than a gamble

There is no more black or white you’re surrounded by gray

And you are persecuted if you happen to be gay

An inner feud as if we were our own virus

We are a ticking time bomb of our self-caused crisis

Who you voted for now determines your stance on racial rights

Anyone can buy a gun for the perfect price

The country is broken, the country is broken, how can you not see

You must be ignorant, convinced you are free

Police are supposed to serve and protect

But the minority is the majority of the suspects

Our leader has induced this inner conflict within our nation

We are the cancer and he is the radiation

If I was a father I would be scared to send my kid to school

Because a hurt kid is using a gun as a healing tool

In this country, I almost feel blessed to be white

But you can not see the color of the skin through the armor of a knight

If you can not see the problem, you are truly without sight

Although there is still hope; there is still a light

We can not just cannonball as if this were a pool

Together we can create fire but we still need the fuel

This movement must carry on into the next generation

I am sick and tired of all these situations

Our goal must be to disinfect

As a nation together we must connect

We and only we can control what we will be

We can set a bigger statement than Boston with its tea

I see what we could be as if it was in sight

We must escape this everlasting night

The true feeling of being united should entice us

Do not let our potential leaders divide us

We cannot be a utopia and that is okay

But I refuse to let myself be in our own way

Thank you for reading through, sorry that I rambled

Until further notice, America is canceled.

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