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How Clean Are Your Hands?

How Clean Are Your Hands?

| On 13, Nov 2019

If there is nothing visible on your hands they’re clean, right? Wrong.

Many people don’t understand the concept behind bacteria and viruses. We come in contact with the dirtiest of the dirtiest on a daily basis, but would never realize it.

Did you know germs can survive on hands for up to three hours?

Did you know that there are between 2 and 10 million bacteria between your fingertips?

You think just because you quickly rinsed your hands five minutes ago they’re clean enough to lick your fingers after eating a bag of chips while being on your phone? Think again. The bacteria you are consuming is far more dangerous than the bacteria on a toilet! Luckily, we have cells in our bodies to clean all that up.

Money, doorknobs, polls on the public bus or train, computer keyboards, technology: dirty, dirty, dirty.

The world is a dirty place. Everything we come in contact with on the outside we are most likely to bring it into our homes, into our beds where we sleep at night.

Cold and flu germs are commonly spread after touching contaminated surfaces. The key to cleanliness is knowing what types of surfaces are contaminated. They lurk in the most unexpected places such as schools, restaurants, movie theaters, workplaces, and any other areas where many people congregate.

Our hands will always be the filthiest part of our bodies. They are our daily tools, and if we were to lose them tomorrow we would be lost.

Our hands allow us to do millions of things, but we often do not realize the value of our hands nor what scary things it can pick up.

The next time you wash, make sure you scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds. Need a timer? Hum the “Happy Birthday” song from beginning to end twice. It may not be your birthday, but your body will be happy and your health wishes will come true!

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