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Shooting Hoops with St. Nick’s

Shooting Hoops with St. Nick’s

| On 11, Feb 2016


On Thursday, February 4, 2016, a few of the other basketball players and I took a trip to host a basketball clinic at St. Nicholas School, a local Catholic elementary school, as a way of celebrating Catholic Schools Week 2016. It was an amazing experience!

We worked with 7th and 8th graders who were all very athletic and enthusiastic to learn more about the game. When we first arrived we had lunch with the students of St. Nick’s, which gave us a chance to mingle, learn their names, and get to know them better.

Right after lunch, they led us to their gym, and there we split up into teams. My teammates and I ran through a couple of drills that we would usually do in our practices. We did some simultaneous hopping, warm-ups, and played a few small games.

Next we played a few full court games. Some of the younger children in the school came to watch, and from their frenzied screams and cheers, we could tell they were having a blast! The gym was packed with laughter and excitement from everyone, including us — we Hawks probably had more fun than anyone!

At the end of our day we all gathered around to take photos, smiling proudly as two schools representing one Catholic school community. This event was a truly amazing way to end Catholic Schools Week 2016. Before we left the building, many youngsters wanted our autographs or Instagram handles so we could keep in touch. The smiles on their faces meant the most to me, and I felt in my heart that I was giving back to the community.

The best part, the part that warmed my heart the most, was seeing three of the 7th grade girls I had played ball with earlier that day come support me that night at my game against Kearny.

Happy Catholic Schools Week from all of us, the proud students of the Hawks’ Nest, Hudson Catholic Regional High School.


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