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Op-Ed: Trump Is The Media’s Fault

Op-Ed: Trump Is The Media’s Fault

| On 20, Sep 2017

This piece reflects the beliefs of its author. It does not represent the views of The Commentator as a whole, nor does it represent the opinion of Hudson Catholic Regional High School.

The mainstream media has pulled off one of the biggest abominations in the history of journalism.

During the last few months heading into the 2016 election, the media abandoned non-partisanship and unbiased reporting in favor of giving Hillary Clinton endless praises for merely existing.

In my opinion, the media unsuccessfully tried to hide the fact that Hillary was involved in a private email scandal which was not only highly unethical but also in violation of rules set by the federal government. Additionally, Clinton and the DNC colluded against Bernie Sanders in the primaries, but again, the media squandered their time to talk about Trump’s groping comments and being considered racist 24/7. During that time, we were reminded of every little thing he ever did wrong, on a 24/7 loop.

Sites like The Nation had headlines that read, “ Let’s Just Say It: Donald trump is a Sexist Pig,” and the Washington Post said, “Don’t Compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. It Belittles Hitler.” On top of that, CNN ran negative stories about Donald Trump every day.

I wouldn’t have a problem if they would have done the same thing to Hillary, but instead it was the most pathetic form of bias that I’ve ever seen, and those in the media are wondering why people are taking them less and less seriously.

The mainstream media led the people to Trump. There were clear signs that he posed a threat to win, from the southern region all the way up to the Midwest, but the media failed to give that information to us.

Simply put, the results of this election should make every media outlet disgusted for the atrocity they’ve committed because of their total incompetence.

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