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Poll: Hawks Lunch Survey

Poll: Hawks Lunch Survey

| On 28, Sep 2017

While many students aren’t keen on school lunch, they tend to buy it anyway.

This past week we asked students to fill out a survey that would be completely anonymous, simply asking what they thought about the school lunch and its pricing. Out of 40 students, 21 said that the quality of the food was decent. 6 said that the food was good, 2 students said the lunch was great, and 11 said the food was bad.

Even though the opinions on the quality of the lunch ranged, one thing was the same: everyone agreed the school lunch was overpriced and unfair to the people who do not have enough money to afford lunch.

The last question on the survey asked, “What changes, if any, would you suggest to improve the school lunch?”

The answer was a resounding call for lower prices and better options.

Not only did the students have a strong opinion, so did one of the teachers.

Ms. Chavez, the new algebra teacher says, “The pricing is unfair. Your parents are already paying tuition, and now they have to pay yet another fee for their children to eat.”

We then went on and asked what changes she would make.

“Reduced lunch,” Ms. Chaves simply stated. “When I was in high school, I had the opportunity to apply for reduced or free lunch. I usually have cafeteria duty and I see students not eating because they can’t afford it.”

Along with Ms. Chavez, Mr. McGady, a long time member of the Hawk family, had an opinion about the school lunch but it differed from the majority.

“I think the school lunch is pretty good,” Mr. McGady said. “The pricing is a bit much, but when I was talking to my brother, a cafeteria manager at Bayonne high school, he said their pricing was the same.”

We then went on to ask if he had an changes to make.

“I think they should have more hot sandwiches,” Mr. McGady said.

In conclusion, the majority of those surveyed feel that the school lunch is overpriced and the quality could be better. Perhaps the cafeteria staff should consider lowering their prices and providing us with healthier and more satisfying options.


  1. Betsy Flores

    Informative article! Great job to both Kaila and Todd.

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