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Ms. Chavez Joins The Hawks’ Nest

| On 28, Sep 2017

For the 2017-2018 school year, Hudson Catholic introduced a new algebra teacher to the Hawk family, Ms. Melisa Chavez. Our reporters had the pleasure of sitting down and get to know Ms. Chavez better, including a bit about her life outside of the classroom.

Ms. Chavez indicated that her life is all about having many interests and skills in many different areas, both inside and outside of school.

She expressed a great amount of love and interest for that kitchen life. Apparently, she is a great cook and baker, and even owns a bakery business with her sister.

As a child, her inspirations were her family. As a daughter of an immigrant family who moved here many years ago and worked extremely hard, Ms. Chavez says she always wanted to give back. This desire to give back is what led her to open her business, but also to teaching high school kids.

“All I wanted to do was teach,” Ms. Chavez said.

She believes that teaching in different schools, different environments, and being around different students is all about adapting.

“You are the only one who gets older,” Ms. Chavez said about teaching. “High school students will forever be thirteen to eighteen.”

As a young child, Ms. Chavez always believed in teaching the correct way. When she was in grade school, she had a hard time dealing with a teacher who did not teach to full understanding. Ever since that experiences, Ms. Chavez has been passionate and devoted to teaching the youth using the best strategies she can.

Ms. Chavez is expecting great things from Hudson Catholic, and we are expecting great things from her as well!


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