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The Secret to Surviving the Sun

The Secret to Surviving the Sun

| On 19, Apr 2018

Oh, the sun! A great source of vitamin D and alement for that pale winter skin. What more can you ask for?

Well, wrinkles, skin cancer, and possibly death.

In America, being tan is a sign of good health and a beauty standard. However, this may not be what we ought to see it as. When you tan, you are exposing your skin to UVB AND UVA rays. UVB rays are responsible for the melanin production in your body which make you appear darker. UVA rays are responsible for aging. They can cause premature aging, melanoma, and horrible skin.

Do you think I am just bluffing about the sun?
Here is a picture of a truck driver who exposed one side of his face to the sun for 28 years while driving.

No need to fear! Here are some ways to prevent it:
⁃ Wear sunscreen throughout the day (no matter the weather or how cloudy it is).
⁃ Do not be in the sun in peak hours 10am-4pm.
⁃ Wear protective clothing.
⁃ If you want “sun kissed skin,” consider artificial tanning options like a spray tan or bronzing lotions.
Many people in our county equate tan with being beautiful, but we are all beautiful no matter what our skin color is. You should always protect your skin because at the end of the day it is your largest organ.

You do not need to completely block the sun from your life, because you do need vitamin D. However try to protect yourself since it can have detrimental consequences!

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