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Who Plays Rugby?

Who Plays Rugby?

| On 07, May 2018

Here at Hudson Catholic, we have many sports that the students have the option of joining, everything from the sports that have always been popular like basketball and football, and the sports that are up and coming, like rugby. Since the sport is still up and coming, not a lot of students at Hudson know anything about it. So The Commentator sat down with the captain of the girls rugby team, junior Danielle Acanto and one of the star players on the boys team, junior Curtis Raeford to learn more about the sport and their experiences playing.

“I have been playing rugby for two years now,” Acanto told us when asked about how long she has been playing. “And I just started playing rugby because it was a new sport that I hadn’t tried before.”

Raeford had a very similar answer to the same question: “I have been playing rugby for two and a half years.” He also added, “What inspired me to start playing was a chance at a scholarship and to better myself at football.”

Raeford went on to tell us how playing rugby translated into playing football and how footbal translated into rugby.

“When I was playing football, I didn’t know how to tackle so when I started playing rugby, it helped my form get better and it helped me get up my endurance so I got in better shape.”

To understand why playing rugby would help someone playing football, we asked both to explain the sport of rugby for the students that have never learned about the sport before and why it would benefit students who play other sports to play rugby.

“Rugby is a sport that in over to go forward, you must go backwards and everybody is the same (position)… everybody can run the ball, everybody can tackle and in order for the whole team to be great, you have to work together,” Raeford responded about what the game of rugby was. And Acanto went on to explain how the sport benefits other athletes.

“It benefits you because it helps you gain stamina, and endurance while playing and running and it helps you get fit in terms of weight training and muscle and for athletes who play different sports, it helps them improve footwork and their skill level.”

Due to the fact the sport does have two very different elements, the offensive element of running and passing the ball and the defensive element of tackling their opponents, we asked both which part they like doing better during a game.

“I like tackling on defensive more because everyone can’t tackle but everyone can run and it takes a certain type of person to take down the biggest player on the field,” Raeford said.

“My favorite part on the game is tackling on defensive just because I know I am better at this part and it just gives me a rush of adrenaline when I know that I have taken someone down to protect my teammate,” Acanto exclaimed.

We continued talking to Acanto and asked her about the differences that she saw between the boys games that she has watched and the girl games she has played in.

“I feel like the girls have to try harder to prove they are just as good as the guys,” she explained. “So the games are a little bit more faster pase and a little bit more rough.”

And since the game is a rough one, there is always a chance of injury, and both Acanto and Raeford has experienced it and are in the process of making a full comeback from them.   

“The process was long and hard but it made me more determined and it inspired me to do so it made me take my workout serious and taught me to never take nothing for granted cause you never know when you can stop playing,” Raeford stated when asked about the process of recovery from his injury he had last year.

“The process of recovery is really long, overall it is about a year of recovery, and it has been really hard due to all the pain and the lack of mobility in my knee even after six months and surgery,” Acanto added when asked the same question as Raeford.

Now even though they have both experienced an injury that not only affected their lives on the field but off the field as well, they were both couldn’t wait to get back to playing, so we asked them why playing rugby was so important to both of them and their lives.

“The importance of rugby to me is the comradery and being able to work with a group of girls that I usually wouldn’t talk to and it has impacted my life because I have been exposed to numerous colleges that are willing to give me scholarships,” Acanto explained to us.

Raeford also said, “The impact rugby has on my life is it allows me to travel more, it has gotten me chances to play for All-American teams, and it provides more college looking at you,”

To finish off the interviews, we asked both Acanto and Raeford why more kids at Hudson should play rugby.

“It gives them a better opportunity at college and it gives you more experience to travel the world and meet different people (from all over the world),” Raeford responded.

“It’s a up and coming sport with numerous scholarship opportunities for both boys and girls and it is a very inclusive sport, you do not have to be from a certain background and you don’t have to be a certain size or shape, there is a position for everyone,” Acanto ended off with.

So make sure you go catch one of Hudson Catholic’s games this season and if you feel like rugby could be the sport for you, go and give it a try.

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