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Fiction: “You Are Now One of Us”

Fiction: “You Are Now One of Us”

| On 17, Dec 2018

In the lab all day constantly doing work, it’s late and the sky is dark and gloomy.

As I begin to pack my briefcase to go home I hear multiple feet shuffling behind me. I turn around startled only to see three innately tall and slim figures. I take a step back as I look at these three figures.

They are all wearing black trench coats with hats and the only visible thing is their eyes. I try to speak but the only thing that comes out is a croak. As I look closer into their eyes I see something disturbing. Their iris, pupil, and sclera were black. They inch closer to me as I fumble clumsily. What are these things?

I reach for a flashlight so I can make out different details on their faces, but as the blinding light flashes in their eyes, I see the skin surrounding their eyes was…green. I frantically grab my briefcase and start running out of the lab.

I’m running but I don’t feel like I’m moving. I look back to see that they’re right behind me and they all have one arm outstretched. I haven’t moved, in fact I am frozen.

The three figures remove their trench coats revealing their limber green bodies. A weird feeling begins to overcome me and I black out. When I regain consciousness, I’m no longer in the lab. No, I’m in some type of high tech craft.

Nobody is around me…maybe it’s all a dream.

I rub my face and notice my skin feels rubbery and scaly. When I look down at my hands, they are the same green as the figures I saw earlier. Frantically I look around for a mirror. As I get up I perceive myself to be taller, and I notice that my legs and feet are also green. My head begins to spin until finally, I find something to see my reflection.

I’m… an… ALIEN.

I drop down to the ground panting as a thousand questions invade my mind. My thoughts are soon interrupted by the unsettling and familiar sound of multiple feet shuffling. I once again turn around to see three aliens almost identical to me. Beady eyes, slender physiques, and green scaly skin.

I try to speak but it wasn’t in the language I’m used to speaking. It sounded like gibberish but somehow, I understood it. Before I finished what I wanted to say, one of the other aliens spoke.

“Welcome, you are now one of us.”

Those seven words changed my life forever.

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