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Fiction: “Soul Mates”

Fiction: “Soul Mates”

| On 20, Apr 2020

They stayed up waiting for this moment. Ever since they were little, it was this day that meant the most to them. Alexa and Betty, short for Elizabeth. It was going to be their 16th birthday and their soulmate’s first words to be said to them were going to appear on their wrist.

“What do you think it’ll say?” Alexa asked, turning over to look over at Betty on her bed across the room.

“I don’t know. It’s unpredictable,” Betty yawned. “Remember, mom’s words on her wrist were dad telling her that the last shirt she was going to buy was the one his girlfriend was eyeing.”

“That was awkward,” Alexa giggled. “I hope neither of us has an awkward encounter like that.”

“Go to bed, weirdo. Stop obsessing over things we can’t control.” Betty threw a stuffed toy at Alexa before turning over.

“Goodnight, love you,” Alexa yawned before turning off the light.

“Night. Love you too.”

Alexa woke up the next morning, turning over to see Betty already awake and tugging at her sleeve. Alexa immediately sat up, looking down at her wrist that was covered with the long sleeve of her sweater.

“Did you look at it yet?” Alexa muttered, looking up at Betty.

“Not yet,” Betty trailed off. “I wanted to wait for you.”

“Okay, 1…” Alexa started off.

“2…” Betty continued

“3!” They shouted at the same time before both looking at their wrists.

Alexa grinned widely at her wrist as Betty giggled. 

“What does yours say?” Alexa asked, looking up from her wrist.

“You have a twin!” Betty exclaimed as Alexa froze. “How about yours?”

No. This can’t be. Alexa thought to herself before looking down at her wrist. You have a twin.

“Earth to Alexa!” Betty waved her hands dramatically in front of her face. “What does it say?!”

“It just says,” Alexa cleared her throat to come up with a believable statement. “ ‘Is this yours?’ ”

“This is so exciting!” Betty jumped up from her bed before making her way to the bathroom.

“Yeah,” Alexa sighed, pulling down her sleeve to cover her wrist. “Exciting.”

Years passed the twins, and it became second nature for Alexa to wear long sleeves around her sister and family. She hadn’t looked at her wrist since that day. She didn’t see a point to it. No matter what would happen, she would want her sister to be happy. 

A few years later, the pair was walking around their campus after finishing their final classes.

“I am exhausted,” Betty admitted with a yawn.

“I know. Thank God it’s Friday.” Alexa sat on one of the seats outside the student center. “Is dad almost here?”

“5 minutes he said.” Betty checked her phone. ‘He said 10 minutes ago.”

“You have a twin?” They heard a voice from behind them.

Alexa froze, glancing down at her hands. Well, more specifically her wrist. Betty turned around excitedly to see her friend’s lab partner that she never spoke to before, Landon.

“Yeah, crazy, right?” She giggled before Landon froze.

“What did you just say?” He asked, looking at his wrist before laughing excitedly.

“This is insane.” She breathed out as Alexa stared forward at the road, praying that their dad pulled into the parking lot faster.

“It’s nice to officially meet you now. Rebecca is always going on and on about how cool you are and I–” He paused before taking a breath. “I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Landon Pierce.”

“I’m Betty Dunne.” She smiled, shaking his hand. “And this is my sister Alexa.”

Betty nudged Alexa as she offered him a short smile.

“Oh, look! Papa’s here.” Alexa announced, rising to her feet.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” Betty asked, glancing at their car then back at Landon.

“Tomorrow’s Saturday,” Alexa reminded with a small laugh.

“Monday.” Landon corrected.

The twins walked to the car as Betty screamed her lungs out in happiness.

“I can’t believe it!” She squealed, smacking Alexa’s arm repeatedly. “I met him! I met my soulmate!”

“I’m so happy for you, B.” Alexa smiled widely before hugging her sister tightly.

Later that night, Alexa stayed up on her phone as she scrolled through social media. She huffed before turning off her phone and staring at the ceiling. She couldn’t believe it. It just had to be her luck. She traced her fingers lightly over her wrist before looking at Betty.

She was so happy today. She deserves to be happy. Alexa thought to herself before turning over and forcing herself to fall asleep.

The alarm clock rang loudly throughout their room as Alexa shut it off with a groan.

“I don’t know if I could do this.” Betty paced back and forth in the hotel room. “What if… What if we regret it?”

Alexa rolled out of bed before simply wrapping her arms around her sister.

“You love him and he loves you,” she muttered. “Plus, canceling the wedding would be such a scene.”

“Not funny,” Betty glared as Alexa giggled, rushing to the bathroom.

As soon as she closed the bathroom door her smile faded. It wasn’t that she was sad that her sister and her soulmate were getting married – it was that she hadn’t found hers. Granted, he was going to be at the altar waiting for her sister, but she thought she would at least find someone who could distract her for a while. However, she had no luck.

The wedding soon approached as Alexa added the final touches to Betty’s makeup.

“Please try to not cry,” Alexa teased with a smile. “You look gorgeous.”

“I couldn’t have made it this far without you.” Betty practically attacked her in a hug.

“Oh stop it.” Alexa hugged back, feeling the tears brim in her eyes. “Now, let me go get my shoes then we can put this show on the road.”

Alexa jogged into the back room, slipping on her heels before grabbing her bouquet. She glanced on her wrist that was covered with concealer so her sister wouldn’t see the words on her wrist. They hear the music starting before Alexa practically rushed to her partner’s side.

As soon as the bridesmaids and the groomsmen were done walking down the aisle, it was Betty’s turn. Alexa watched as the nervousness erased from Betty’s face when she made eye contact with Landon. It looked like if she could, she would sprint down the aisle towards him.

By the end of the ceremony, Alexa found herself a blubbering mess. She wiped her tears away before pausing. 

Shit. My concealer. She froze before running to the nearest bathroom during the reception.

She huffed, seeing the concealer fading as she grabbed a paper towel to wipe off so she could reapply. She turned her arm slightly before tilting her head.

“Oh?” She muttered to herself before wiping further down.

Alexa stood there dumbfounded, reading her wrist over and over again.

Do you have a twin? She choked back on her words before hearing a voice behind her.

“Do you have a twin?” The voice asked as Alexa whipped around. “Otherwise, I’ve had too much to drink and I’m seeing double.”

And there she was. The one she’s been waiting for.

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