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We’re Back Already?

We’re Back Already?

| On 18, Sep 2016

Put that beach bag away and pull out that book bag, because guess what? It’s time for school!

On Monday September 12, 2016, Hudson Catholic had its first full day of school for the 2016-2017 academic year. All Hawks, from freshmen to seniors, had to be in homeroom bright and early at 8:15 a.m.

Walking around on that first day, it was apparent that a lot of the seniors were upset to be back in school, and already a little stressed out. This was confirmed by senior Gabrielle Kelly.

“Ew! Ugh…depressed, stressed. I have anxiety!” Kelly said.

Even the juniors looked a little out of it! Although, there were many that were happy to be there to begin a new year. Junior Jillian Ward expressed excitement after her first day.

“I was excited to see my friends,” Ward said.

The sophomores indicated feeling more relaxed this year because now they know what to expect from Hudson Catholic. Sophomore Aliyah Rivera shared some wise words with The Commentator.

“Going into this school year, I really wasn’t looking forward to it because sophomores are considered the forgotten ones, but I remained positive. After being in school for about a week, I’ve realized this year is going to be better than I thought. The classes are interesting and the teachers are great, especially Mr. Marmora. I’m looking forward to everything else this year has in store for me.”

Meanwhile, the freshmen walked around with fear in their eyes. Many were nervous, resembling deer in headlights. Freshmen Destiny Ramirez compared her experience to being lost.

“I felt lost! I didn’t know what I was doing all day,” expressed Ramirez. By the end of the week, she got the hang of it.

Overall, Hudson Catholic’s first day of school was a success. Here’s to a great year.

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