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Poetry: Inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s “If”

Poetry: Inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s “If”

| On 21, Sep 2018

Junior students in Mr. Bongiorno’s Honors British Literature class were tasked with writing advice poems in the style of Rudyard Kipling’s 1895 poem “If.” Below are some outstanding submissions.


If you can make use of all your spare time when all around you Is fading there wont be blame to place on others;

If you can forgive and let go of your past formed by others; But make room for second chances and new beginnings;

If you can bear to hear nothing but about your shortcomings, Continue to keep your peace of mind and sanity;

If you can make use of all your knowledge and understanding, There will be nothing in the world that can stop you.

If you can walk in the shadow of someone else’s success, But still make a path of your own;

If you can fight for what you believe in and support your Happiness against those who hate your smile;

If you can influence your influencers to change their ways, You will find your light inside of all the dark;

If you can keep a positive attitude in the face of discomfort, Nothing will ever affect you like it once did;

If you can clear your heart to talk to one you once hated, You can cleanse your aura and soul for an eternity;

If you can dance with pain and heartache
Then meet them with a sense of strength and stability;

If you can water yourself with fresh water and bathe in the bright sun, Then you can watch your true self blossom to a beautiful daisy;

If you can smile through your darkest days and make your nights Brighter, you’ll find yourself a way to smile through it all;

If friends and enemies work together to keep you behind, Move in silence and take your life back;

If there isn’t enough motivation and support in your life, Separate yourself from the fakes and regain your confidence;

If you can’t change your circumstances, Don’t let your circumstances change you;

This world is yours for the taking no matter who gets mistaken, You deserve nothing but the best and all that comes with it!

-Maya Beals

If others can look on and see what you cannot see,

do not be afraid of turning upside down so you will become what you are meant to be;

If loving and respecting my reflection is a major crime, then bind my hands and I will pay with a lifetime;

If the lights go out and shadow becomes monster, be a knight and fight for your own honor;

If you keep those who love you close, you will carry an army that only grows;

If knowledge is the only true power, then I am king of this tower;

If we do not feel pain and love, then we kneel to the cruel gods up above;

If the world asks for our faces, we put on masks and hide in different places;

If love is what matters most, why does it always end with a ghost?

If I was born for a reason, it certainly was not high treason;

If good and evil do not exist, then why must every story end with a twist?

If death is a certainty, we must take each breath like its our last.

If I believe the stars dance simply for me, I am a fool to my own reality.

-Leslie Vargas

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