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Who Should Star in Space Jam 2?

Who Should Star in Space Jam 2?

| On 16, Oct 2018

Just a little less than a month ago, it was announced that NBA superstar, and one of the best players to ever play in the league, LeBron James would be the star of the sequel to the 1996 hit movie Space Jam. It is still unclear if the movie will follow the same plot that the original had or if the movie will have a whole new concept, but something many fans are hoping stays the same from the original is an NBA star-studded cast to play alongside James and Bugs.

Seeing that there is a high possibility that there will be other NBA stars in the upcoming movie, The Commentator has created a dream cast for the new movie, recasting the former players that had their talent stolen by the “Monstars” in the original.

Charles Barkley (Original) and Draymond Green (Recast):

It is never easy to find someone who can fill the roll of the one and only Charles Barkley, being that is he not only the most well known of the cast of players, but also he is known for his personality on and off the court. Luckily, there are many big personalities in the NBA today, one of them being Draymond Green, who currently plays for the Golden State Warriors.

Both are power forwards who are known to have an aggressive style of play and have won quite a few awards during their time playing in the NBA. Also, both have played in their fair share of All-Star Games, not to mention the fact that they share a tendency to cause controversy. Green is definitely able to take over for Barkley.

Patrick Ewing (Original) and Joel Embiid (Recast):

Patrick Ewing was the New York Knicks star that also had his talent stolen from the “Monstars” in the movie, and while Joel Embiid is currently playing in a different Eastern Conference team, the Philadelphia 76ers, there are still many things the two have in common. Both stars were born internationally and moved to America later in life: Ewing is from Jamaica and moved to America when he was 12 years old, while Embiid is from Cameroon and moved to America when he was 16 years old.

In terms of their careers, Embiid’s ongoing career is very easy to compare to Ewing’s, both being 7-foot centers who are the leaders of their respective teams. They both also started their NBA careers with physical injuries but came back to win the Rookie of the Year Award. With these and the other similarities he shared with Ewing, Embiid is a great fit to take the role.

Larry Johnson (Original) and Blake Griffin (Recast):

There are a few players that could be used for the recasting of Larry Johnson, but the player that fit best is Blake Griffin, former Los Angeles Clipper and now Detroit Piston. These two players might not have as many similarities as some of the other matchups, but there are certainly some you can find.

The two are similar in height, Griffin being 6’10” and Johnson 6’7”. They are both former Rookie of the Year winners, and they have played in quite a few All-Star Games throughout their careers.

They also have personalities off the court that not only make them popular, but icons in pop culture. For Johnson, this got him a role in the hit show Family Matters, and for Griffin, endorsements for companies like Kia and Subway. Combine icon status with statistic similarities, and it makes sense to have Griffin take over for Johnson in the new movie.

Shawn Bradley (Original) and Kristaps Porzingis (Recast):

For the player who towers almost 2-and-a-half feet over the shortest player in the movie, the recasting has to be someone who can somehow be near him in height. So for Shawn Bradley, who is 7’6,” Kristaps Porzingis is the best match. Standing at 7’3,” the New York Knicks center is a good fit to replace Bradley. Besides their heights, they also have a similar RPG, making Porzingis the A+ choice to play Bradley’s role.

Muggsy Bogues (Original) and Isaiah Thomas (Recast):

Muggsy Bogues is the shortest player to ever play in the NBA, and in a league that currently has players predominantly over 6 feet, it was hard to find a player who can compare to him. Even though at 5’9” he is still six inches taller than Bogues, Isaiah Thomas was chosen to take his role.

The current Denver Nugget is the shortest player in the league, just like Bogues was during his time playing in the NBA. Along with this, the fact that both are two of the few true point guards who have played in the league, Thomas was picked to take Muggsy Bogues place in the movie.

We assume that Bugs, Daffy, Porky, and the rest of the gang will be reprising their roles.

Do you agree with our dream cast? Let us know in the comments!

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