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Posts By Jhelaine Palo

Second Annual Lock-In is a Success

April 15, 2019 |

A great number of students participated in the second annual Hudson Catholic school lock-in, which took place on March 29, 2019. The second lock-in was a great success, beginning at 7 pm on the Friday and lasting until 7 am … Read More

The Thirst Project Comes to HC

September 30, 2018 |

On Wednesday, September 19, The Hudson Catholic student body and staff gathered in the school gymnasium for an assembly about the issue of unsafe drinking water all over the world, hosted by the non-profit organization The Thirst Project.

The Thirst … Read More

Typhoon Mangkhut’s Path of Destruction

September 18, 2018 | 1

Typhoon Mangkhut, or locally known as “Bagyong Ompong,” landed on several parts of the Philippines and severe damage took place.

It has been confirmed that the death toll across the northern part of the country … Read More

Two HC Students Win FREE Taylor Swift Concert Tickets

May 29, 2018 |

Earlier this month, The Commentator hosted a school wide raffle for two Taylor Swift concert tickets, to be held at MetLife Stadium on July 22, 2018.

Devoted Taylor Swift fans hoped to win two tickets for themselves … Read More

Op-Ed: A Tale of Two Presidents

May 14, 2018 |

On June 17, 1972, five burglars were arrested at the Watergate complex in Washington D.C., starting the domino effect of putting together, piece by piece, the corrupt operation of the administration of former President Richard … Read More

Russian Woman Embalmed Alive

April 30, 2018 |

Ekaterina Fedyaeva, a patient of a hospital in Ulyanovsk, Russia died because of a medical error in the operating room on April 5, 2018.

Ekaterina Fedyaeva, a 28 year old woman was diagnosed with ovarian cysts (fluid-filled sacs or pockets … Read More

National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

March 18, 2018 |

President Bill Clinton officially dedicated the month of March as National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in February 2000.

Colorectal cancer is a cancer that starts in the colon or the rectum. Colon cancer and rectal cancer … Read More

The Flu Isn’t Over Yet

March 4, 2018 |

The United States has been hit hard with a flu epidemic within the first two months of 2018, and though we’ve passed the flu’s peak, we’re not at the end of flu season yet.

What is the … Read More

World Cancer Day

February 4, 2018 |

On February 4, World Cancer Day is celebrated globally. It is a day to raise awareness about the widespread illness that affects millions of people in the United States and worldwide.

“We can, I can” is … Read More

Chilean Priest Sexual Abuse

January 25, 2018 |

Pope Francis reopened a big controversy when he defended the Chilean Bishop Juan Barros, who was accused of covering up a notorious pedophile priest Father Fernando Karadima on January 16, 2018.

In the year 2002, the … Read More

Cooking Club Breaks Bread

December 21, 2017 |

The members of the Cooking Club gathered in the Hudson Catholic Brothers’ Residence to put together their traditional Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner on December 12, 2017.

The annual Thanksgiving dinner was held as the members of the Cooking Club got together to prepare … Read More

Attack in Egypt

December 5, 2017 |

On November 24, 2017, an Islam mosque named al Rawda was attacked by unidentified gunmen in Egypt.

The attack is concluded to be the deadliest terror attack on the country’s soil. Reportedly 311 people are dead, including 27 children. Additionally, … Read More

Special Assembly About Walk-a-Thon Held

October 12, 2017 |

This morning, Principal Richard Garibell held an assembly regarding the upcoming spirit week and walk-a-thon, to be held during the last week of October.

The upcoming spirit week brings enthusiasm to the whole school. Various activities are … Read More

Mental Health Awareness Week

October 10, 2017 |

Mental Illness Awareness Week is observed annually, during the first week of October.

This event is a good way to draw attention to mental illnesses that affect the majority of people living in the United States and … Read More

Girl’s Soccer Team Dominates Ferris

September 30, 2017 |

The girl’s varsity soccer team played against Ferris High School on Thursday, September 28, 2017, at Lincoln Park. The game ended at 5-1 with the Lady Hawks getting their first win of the season.

In the overall game, junior goalkeeper … Read More