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Mrs. Vaccari and the Campus Ministry Comeback

Mrs. Vaccari and the Campus Ministry Comeback
Mark Foisey
Our beloved Mrs. Vaccari has changed her position at our school, transitioning from Director of Admissions to Director of Campus Ministry. Read all about her exciting new program in her own words.
Q: What made you take this position and why?
A: I took this position because when the Christian brothers left I saw a need in the school for the LaSallian spiritual development of our students. I am able to provide an outlet for students to express their faith through service, retreats, prayer services and masses.
Q: What is it that you like most about Hudson?
A: I love that we are a family. I love to see faculty and students that support each other and work toward a common goal.
Q: Did you ever see yourself in this position, if not, where did you see yourself?
A: I have actually held this position before at a different school. I was the director of Campus Ministry at Paterson Catholic High School. As for seeing myself in this position at Hudson – I saw there was a need here and I am willing to do just about anything to make Hudson Catholic the best high school!
Q: Do you feel you have a good relationship with the students, staff and overall community at Hudson?
A: I hope I do!
Q: Is coming to work everyday something you enjoy?
A: I wake up every morning excited to go to school! I enjoy it immensely. How long can you see yourself pursuing this? I can see myself working with high school students for a long time!
Q: How has your adjustment been in this position and what have you gained from it since you started?
A: It’s been a little bit of an adjustment because this position has not been filled at Hudson in quite a few years. I have a lot of ideas – but quickly learned that they cannot all happen at once!
Q: After already being the director of admissions and having such a strong impact on Hudson Catholic as a whole, what made you switch positions and what is the difference between the two?
A: I love Hudson Catholic and it was very easy for me to “sell it” to incoming freshmen. But I missed working directly with high school students. I hope that we can rebuild a strong sense of LaSallian tradition here. Hopefully eighth grade students who are looking for a Catholic school will be able to feel our LaSallian pride and want to be part of this awesome family!

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