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How to Survive Prom Season

How to Survive Prom Season

| On 11, Apr 2016

Some believe that prom is the most important day of a high schooler’s career. Those people are wrong. That day is graduation day.

For those of us who are just trying to have a fun, memorable night without stressing out to the point of hair-ripping, this survival guide will help calm those pesky jitters.

Stay Ahead: Your dress or suit should be purchased at least one month before prom. It’s important to give yourself time to figure out what you’ll be most comfortable in while dancing and taking pictures, the two highlights of the evening. Along with being comfortable, being stylish is also a major concern. Ladies, make sure not to leave accessories and your choice of shoes to the last minute, or you may be stuck with some lackluster bling. Guys, find a way to incorporate your girl’s choice of attire (color, fabric) into your suit or tuxedo.

Makeup and hair appointments should be made a few weeks before prom, and ladies should come prepared with an idea of what they’re interested in getting done with their locks. Bring a photo of the look you’re going for to show the stylist. Prom day is not only your day, so many places will be packed and overbooked. Staying ahead of schedule is never a bad thing.

Transportation: Your means of travel have nothing to do with the school! Don’t wait around for a teacher to ask you for a limo fee, because there is no such thing. Seniors usually chip in for a limo with their friends. Put a responsible friend in charge–or if you’re a control freak, take charge–of handling the money. If you don’t want to ride in a limo, don’t feel pressured: some seniors like to drive themselves or travel with just one or two other couples. The bottom line is thoe details should be sorted out early so you’re not scrambling around last minute.

“Romance”: So many people get hung up over scoring a date or a grand “promposal.” Going to prom with a significant other is romantic and cute, but who says you can’t be cute with a friend?

Actually, what’s even better than being cute with a friend? Slaying on your own. As Mary J. Blige asserted in her hit single, you can be bad all by yourself!

Lately the obsession over promposals has become the center of youth culture. Although receiving a very thoughtful promposal is great, not receiving one is not that big of a deal. Last year I attended prom with a friend and had as much fun as I would have by myself or with a significant other. Once you get to the catering hall and you’re surrounded by friends and lively music, you forget all about the stuff that stressed you out leading up to prom day.

The Big Day: A large weight is put on prom attendees to outshine “the competition” in regard to dress, limo, and attitude. But the thing is, prom is not a competition. It honestly does not matter if you’re wearing $800 shoes or $60 shoes, or if you’re by yourself or with a date. If someone is wearing the same dress or suit as you, own it. Take a picture together and embrace the fact that both of you must have impeccable taste. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you throughout the day. Remind yourself that everyone feels just as nervous as you do.

The most important piece of advice is just to have fun! Prom is about having fun with the people you spent the past few years with, a last hurrah of sorts. Don’t be the person that creates high expectations and throws a fit when reality isn’t up to par. Keep calm and have an amazing time. After all, the night will only be what you make of it.

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