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Little Marmora

Little Marmora

| On 15, Feb 2017

The Commentator got a chance to speak with junior Giovanni Marmora, the brother of Hudson Catholic’s chemistry teacher, Mr. Anthony Marmora. Now, it is not every day you find a student in your school who is related to one of the faculty members, so we interviewed Giovanni to find out what it is like to have your own brother as a teacher.

Some might say that having a brother teach in your school might just be a good reason not to go to that certain school, but Giovanni would say otherwise. He says that Hudson Catholic has always been his main choice for a high school, even before Mr. Marmora started teaching here.

“Both my brothers graduated from Hudson, and I knew a lot of the teachers there already, so I felt comfortable going there,” Giovanni said.

Luckily, Giovanni did not have to have his brother as a teacher until his sophomore year. But, Giovanni does admit that it felt weird in the first couple of days having Mr. Marmora.
“It is hard to explain how I felt in the first couple of days of having his class,” Giovanni said. “I remember I couldn’t stop laughing to myself at the fact that my own brother is my teacher now.”

You might think that home life might have become awkward, but for Giovanni, he says that both he and his brother keep things professional and know the difference between their brotherly relationship, and their student-teacher relationship.

“He isn’t strict at home like the way he is in school,” Giovanni said. “He knows how to joke around at the dinner table and you could really see the difference between his personality in and out of school.”

Nobody ever wants to have a family member work in the same school as they go to, but Giovanni shows off that it is not really the worst thing in the world. However, he does hope that he does not have his brother again!

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