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Black Friday Madness

Black Friday Madness

| On 20, Nov 2017

It’s that time of year! The time when the holidays come and make the world a crazy, happy place. Specials left and right, everything is on sale online and in stores. But the one day every shopper is excited for is Black Friday!

Black Friday is always towards the end of the November, between the 25 and the 28. It is the craziest day of the entire year because there are hundreds and hundreds of people rushing to grab their desired items, rushing to be the first ones to get all the good stuff. But it’s the worst day because it’s chaotic and starts unwanted trouble.

Violence has broken out in Black Friday shopping mania, as at least one person was shot at a Missouri mall and another shopping center in Alabama shut down due to brawls. A 19-year-old with no identification suffered life-threatening injuries a the parking lot shooting at the Columbia Mall. The suspect still hasn’t been caught but it was all for an item in the store.

Black Friday is an amazing day, but caution and patience is key to get through such a hectic day. Happy shopping!

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