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Growth in the Face of Adversity

Growth in the Face of Adversity

| On 05, May 2020

COVID-19 has changed the lives of millions. Many people are getting sick and losing their jobs, and even their lives. However, in this tragedy, I am trying to make the best out of a terrible situation. It is very difficult to do this, but I am adapting.

At first, I was very upset. I did not want to get out of bed or do anything. All I would do is my homework and take naps. That cycle was taking a toll on my overall health so I decided to make a change. I took out my journal and wrote down all the hours I have in the day. Then I would calculate how many hours I did homework and basic everyday activities. That left me eight hours left in my entire day, and I spent that time doing nothing.

I wake up typically at about ten in the morning and go to sleep at midnight. I realized I could use this time to do things I have been wanting to do for months, but I never had the proper time. I want to practice and improve on my spiritual beliefs, express myself creatively, and start doing yoga. I put that into action, making a loose schedule for myself every day. This is my silver lining.

The first thing I do is make a piping hot cup of coffee. I settle down and do my homework to get it out of the way. Then I do something I enjoy, depending on my mood. If I am feeling lazy that day I will do a simple stretching yoga routine that keeps me active but does not take too much of a toll on my body. If I am feeling active, I will do a hardcore hour-long yoga that is based around my muscles to gain strength. I have been calling myself the yoga queen lately because I have been pretty consistent, so I deserve a crown. 

After my yoga, my schedule is pretty loose. If I am feeling expressive, I will do something creative. I have taken up painting again, which is a passion of mine. I have been trying to be nicer to myself when it comes to my art. Typically, I am very picky when it comes to painting. I will sit for hours working on each detail until it is perfect in my eyes. However, that can be very exhausting. Instead, I have been going with the flow of my paintbrush. I let whatever ideas come to mind go onto my sketchbook or canvas without judgment, accepting each stroke as it comes and I rarely stress on details. This has made painting so much more relaxing, kind of like a meditation. Sometimes I sketch or make little drawings or my sketchbook, or I will write a short story in my personal journal.

At the end of my day, after having dinner and dessert, I settle to meditate. I sit and think about my day. I make sure to feel appreciation for all the positive aspects of my day. This makes it easier for me to be more positive when negative things come my way. I also have been working towards balancing my chakras and grounding myself. All of these things prepare me for the next day. I will read a book regarding my spiritual beliefs after my meditation. Once I finish all of this, I walk around my room with my singing bowl to raise the vibrations around me. 

This is a tragic time, a once in a lifetime experience. I feel for all that has been lost, but I do my best to stay positive. I do all these things like meditating, art, and yoga when I feel up to it.

But sometimes the reality of what is going on around us is too heavy to ignore. On these days I just chill with my pets and FaceTime my boyfriend and friends, who are truly fulfilling things in themselves.

I try to make my own silver linings in my everyday life, and I hope to continue these habits when things start to get better in the world.

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