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Protect Our Frontliners

Protect Our Frontliners

| On 05, May 2020

The defenseless soldiers on the battlefield who need armor and our help.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. Economies have fluctuated, jobs have been lost, public places have been closed, social distancing has been put in place, and everyone needs to wear a mask when they go outside. Life has changed as we know it, and there is room for complaint. Some people have made a point of that and have gone outside to protest all of these new rules and changes.

However, many of our healthcare workers feel differently and are stuck with little protection, which causes them to get sick and even die. They deserve protection for all of their hard work, the work of saving lives.

Doctors and nurses are working even longer hours at the hospital because of this pandemic. They are saving lives, treating the infected, and are trying not to get infected themselves. However, there has been a mass shortage of masks and personal protective equipment (PPE), which has forced doctors and nurses to wash and reuse the same gear all day long, in between the many patients that they’re treating.

This is absolutely unacceptable. Doctors and nurses should have new and proper equipment at all times. After all, they’re taking care of many patients and can’t risk infecting themselves. If you were in a hospital bed infected with COVID-19, you’d probably prefer having a doctor or nurse that’s treating you to wear a new and clean mask and gear, wouldn’t you?

Apart from extreme stories, doctors and nurses have also been suffering assaults. There was a recent report of a nurse getting bleach thrown at her after completing a shift. Another healthcare worker had bleach thrown in their face in the Philippines. In New Delhi (India), some healthcare workers have been evicted.

The reason for this mistreatment is misinformation. The protestors of the lockdown and those who come up with conspiracy theories of the origin of the virus and the virus in general basically fall into the same group. They have convinced people that healthcare workers are infecting people on purpose and that the virus is a hoax. Both statements are false and dangerous misinformation to spread around.

We also should be concerned about the deteriorating mental health of healthcare workers. They watch patients die every day, and it is traumatizing. They’re overworked and exhausted, and constantly fear whether they’re next to die or might spread the virus to a loved one. They should have a hotline for the mental health of healthcare workers, and after this pandemic has subsided, get psychiatric help.

Healthcare workers — doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, paramedics, hospital administrators, and others deserve new and proper personal proper protective gear and our utmost respect. They are battling terrible sights and an invisible enemy. It is best to not spread misinformation, social distance, and stay home so the hospitals don’t become overwhelmed — and neither do our frontline workers.

Protect these workers so they can protect you.

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