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Halloween At Hudson Catholic

Halloween At Hudson Catholic

| On 02, Nov 2021

This year our school has really embraced its vibrant colors as students came to school in various eye-catching costumes, bringing liveliness and energy into Hudson Catholic’s halls. While there were those who were creative and clever with how they were dressed, there were also those who were caught up with the popular trend costumes this Halloween. Throughout the spirited hallways, there were plenty of students dressed as angels and devils. Some simply wore white or red clothing, while others wore accessories such as halos, devils ears, or tails. Wearing these costumes is typically a good choice since it’s simple and creative when you’re in need of a last-minute costume. 

Besides the infamous angels and devils, there were also those who came dressed as the characters of the newest well-known Netflix show, Squid Game. This sensational television drama originated in South Korea and has gained fame all over the world. Students wore the same clothing as the characters – green tracksuits with white vans. One student was very creative, adding a bag of marbles in reference to a scene from the show. A majority of the students’ costumes the students’ costumes were based on numerous movies and tv series. Besides Squid Games, there were also a lot of costumes from an anime and video game called Danganronpa. Many students cosplaying these characters were classy with their looks and makeup and had vibrant colored hair and dresses. After watching students from different grades create new friendships during our costume contest, it was clear that Halloween is a great time to show others our interests and build our new friendships.  We’re already so excited to see what trends will be seen in the future! 

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