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Meet Ms. Awad

Meet Ms. Awad
Elizabeth Moyeno

At the beginning of the school year, the students of Hudson Catholic were informed that we were going to be introduced to a “new” community member, but one we had met before: Ms. Jill Awad. Ms. Awad was formerly a substitute teacher here at Hudson Catholic, and she has been offered the opportunity to be the new guidance counselor alongside Mrs. Johnston. Being that she will have such an important and positive impact on our school, students, and staff, I figured this interview would be a great way to get a little insight of what Ms. Awad will bring to the Hawks’ Nest.

Q: What made you take this position and why?

A: Having been a counselor for 6 years in Virginia, I moved to the area for my husband’s job after I got married. I loved my former school and my former job, so I was very eager to be a counselor again in another great school. Having spent some time subbing at Hudson, I was already familiar with the school and the students, so I was very excited when there was a counseling opening.

Q: What is it about Hudson Catholic that you love the most?

A: I really love the students and the school community. I also love the size of the school – my former school had 2400 students and I was one of 10 counselors, so I’m enjoying the smaller school environment.

Q: Did you ever see yourself in this position? If so, what is your reasoning? If not, what was your previous plan and why?

A: I went to graduate school to be a school counselor, so when I moved to the area I was looking for another school counseling position.

Q: Do you feel you have a good relationship with the students, staff, administration, and overall community at Hudson Catholic?

A: I do! And I hope the students, staff, administration and community feel the same way. It has been great to be here in the role I am trained to do and in a more permanent position. Plus, my very first job as a school counselor was at Fairfax High School in Fairfax, Virginia. When I took that job, Mrs. Johnston worked there as well and was my mentor. So, it has been great to work with her again here at Hudson.

Q: Is coming to work everyday something you enjoy? How long can you see yourself pursuing this career?

A: I love my job here just as much as I loved my former job, and at this point I don’t have any plans to pursue any other careers.

Q: How has your adjustment as a guidance counselor at Hudson Catholic been? What have you gained from the experience since you’ve started?

A: My adjustment has been smooth, and I feel that Ms. Johnston and I have been able to make positive changes to the Student Services department over the past two and a half months. It is always a bit of a challenge to learn about a new school and their students, staff, and environment but it is a challenge I enjoy. I am looking forward to working to make the Student Services department here the best it can be.

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