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Terror Strikes Paris

Terror Strikes Paris
Kayla Gomez

Friday the 13th is a day that is typically feared due to popular culture. However, the simultaneous terrorist attacks on the innocent civilians of Paris gave a whole other reason to fear this day. Three groups consisting of highly trained gunmen and suicide bombers shook the streets of Paris and wreaked chaos onto civilians.

The radical terrorist group ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks. The president of France commented how this was an act of war, as well as president Obama, calling other countries to help combat the threat of terrorism.

It seemed like a typical Friday night, with many young adults going out to eat and drink with their friends at the Le Carillon or Le Petit Cambodge, until suddenly, they heard gun shots. Men wearing all black started shooting people near the windows, killing them, as well as those who were smoking outside. Many were left injured and are currently in hospital care. There are also a handful of survivors that hid under the bar tables and played dead.

In addition, a near-simultaneous attack involved a bomb detonation outside of a soccer stadium during a match between France and Germany. The president of France, Francois Hollande, was in attendance. Luckily, the security guards caught the suicide bomber at the entrance and risked their lives to detonate the bomb outside the stadium, and no on inside was harmed.

Gunmen also raided the Bataclan Music Hall, where the rock band Eagles of Death Metal were performing. Fans of this band were enjoying the set until guns started firing from the back of the crowd. About 130 people are dead and 349 are injured. The scene of the aftermath can only be described as pools of blood. Concert goers that were not harmed were standing towards the front row, and even they were covered in blood. Many tried to hide in small rooms behind the stage and even climb out the second-story windows.

France is currently in state of mourning for those families who have lost loved ones. Candles, flowers, and pictures are laid among the cafès and restaurants that were attacked. The lights of the Eiffel Tower have been turned off in order to honor the innocents fallen on that tragic day. The hashtag #prayforparis has been trending worldwide on twitter as well as the hashtag #terrorismhasnoreligion, to help defend and educate others that associate terrorism with Islam.

It is a tragedy how innocent lives are lost as well as the horrible association between Islam and terrorism. It is crucial to have our thoughts and prayers to go out to the people of France, but to also remember that religion teaches peace and that only certain people are violent.





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