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Opinion: The Worst Thing About Censorship Is ******* ********

| On 13, Dec 2015

These days people have a lot to say. Freedom of speech is the basis of our society and is a necessity for a democratic-republic to run as intended.

It is a right of the people that is slowly being taken away. Young Americans today cant express themselves because of censorship.

Censorship is a form of control that seeks to limit freedom of speech.

The first amendment permits people to speak openly about any topic. If you only get to hear what is authorized then you will only know what the government approves and they will be in full control.

After all, people are entitled to their own opinions. Censorship provides people with a one-sided viewpoint.

It is better to let people speak their minds so that individuals can grasp an understanding of another person’s beliefs and form their own judgment.

Silencing the words does not end the thought. Censorship does not remove the opinion just the ability to express it.

Some might go farther than words to get their message out. Preventing humans from expressing their opinion in words could result in acts of violence.

Everyone wants to have his or her own opinions but become sensitive when someone has an opposing approach.

As people we don’t have to agree with each other’s stance on different subject matters but we should show respect and aim to be more open-minded.

If human beings continue to be silenced through the work of censorship there will be one less unique individual.


  1. Anyonmous

    I really wish this delved into more of the topic, this only gets the surface and doesn’t explain much of why it’s a serious issue.

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