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Prepping for College Life

Prepping for College Life

| On 15, Apr 2016

It’s about that time of the year again. Decision letters are coming in, scholarships are being handed out, and seniors are stressing out deciding what school is the best fit for them. It’s college decision time.

With May 1, National College Decision Day, right around the corner, there is so much to be done and so little time.

As a senior, I am confident when I say that the pre-college process is beyond stressful. It’s an endless cycle: spending countless hours studying for the strenuous and tedious national tests like the SAT and ACT, creating personal statements, writing endless essays, and supplicating teachers to write you those admission-dependent recommendations.

Preparing for college is not fun, but as the day nears for us to finally make one of the most important decisions of our life, realizations hit. Those moments when some of us have lost sleep and cried because we were too tired and too overwhelmed and ready to give up and call it quits have actually helped us. They have helped us prepare for the real world, taught us how to balance those heavy assignments, and instilled in us the knowledge that we must be proactive and driven. Through this process, I have learned that it is okay to ask others for help and never to be ashamed of who I plan to become.

Senior year has felt like a small peek of what college will be, and the road does not look easy at all. It will require hard work and dedication, sleepless nights, humility, and willingness.

Recently, I had a talk with volleyball star and former captain of Hudson Catholic’s varsity girls volleyball team, Katria Stewart ’15. Stewart is now a freshman Charlotte University on a full Division 1 scholarship for volleyball. In our brief discussion, Stewart imparted lots of great advice for current Hawks about handling the hardships that come with college.

The Commentator: What college do you attend? And, what are you majoring in?

Katria Stewart: I attend Charlotte University, and I am currently majoring in Criminal Justice.

TC: Are you active in any sports or clubs in college?

KS (chuckling): Yes, I am totally invested in playing volleyball… Well, I do not have any other choice.

TC: How do you balance class work and your extracurricular activities?

KS: I mastered time management when I was at Hudson, honestly. I knew how crucial balancing and being on time was, and especially since I was late to everything during high school, I knew I could not bring that to college. If I didn’t  change, that could have been my biggest downfall. Also, taking advantage of all the resources that were given to me. Using my teacher assistants, and creating study groups, and asking for help a lot helped me throughout the first semester.

TC: What are your goals for post-college life?

KS: I would love to become a FBI Agent.

TC: Any Do’s and Don’t’s for those of us who are just entering college?

KS: A couple Do’s would be to study all the time–always study before a test. After each class, review your notes all over again. Always ask questions. Never think a question is stupid. Build a relationship with your professors.

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