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Poetry: Autumn Love

Poetry: Autumn Love

| On 30, Sep 2018

The feeling that there is no longer a need for shorts and tank tops will always be the most comforting thought to run through my mind

Taking the over sized sweaters and fur-lined boots out of storage to keep me warm for the next five months has always been my favorite activity every year

The shorter days when it gets dark at five in the afternoon

The commercials that come out for pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween candy fill my little heart full of joy and excitement

School starting again and seeing all of my friends after a long summer filled with the dreaded heat and summer reading

Friday night football games have always been a must of mine because I get to watch the game under a pile of blankets and a cup of hot chocolate in my hands

The feeling that homecoming is right around the corner and the overwhelming feeling of finding the perfect dress that you hope will out shine everyone there

The noise the multicolored leaves make as the rustle against each other because of the cool, crisp autumn air that blows my hair in every which way

The trips to Freight Fest and seeing who will scream the most out of the group

The long drives to Sleepy Hollow to see the enchanting graves and tombs of those long gone

Making the offerings for Dia De Los Muertes in hopes that our ancestors will return and spend time with the family as they live beyond our world

Halloween night and doing the dumb but interesting things with my friends as we are dressed in ridiculous costumes

Making pies with my mom and grandma for Thanksgiving and watching the predictable fights between the family about who is going to make what which turns into who’s cooking is better

But the thing I enjoy the most out of all of this is walking along the Hudson River and feeling that breeze blow through my hair and lifting the scarf off of my shoulders

These little tiny details of life are somehow my favorite things I encounter every year and makes me loathe the other season because in my mind nothing can beat these things

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