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An Overview of the Arts: Semester 1 (2021-2022)

An Overview of the Arts: Semester 1 (2021-2022)

| On 19, Apr 2022

With the first semester of art finished, Mrs. Sullivan  has made it a successful one for all her art students through her exemplary teaching. A lot of factors can go into the world of art, but through the use of a variety of elements, exploration, and imagination, she has made it possible to educate others and allow them to find their creative outlet.

Throughout the semester, her Art 2 students have worked on art projects where they had the opportunity to learn and practice different elements of art such as line, color, form, shapes, and etc. Meanwhile, the Art 3 students got to work on projects a little bit more introspective like Neurographic drawings and also experienced other mediums like watercolor and acrylic painting. Shown below are examples of students’ work :

The process of choosing the projects for her students involves taking into consideration their skill level and theoretical knowledge. The projects aim to  analyze their knowledge and ability while also allowing room for creative self-expression. For example, the neurographic drawing was a project where she could determine their skill level in drawing and using colored pencils but at the same time, it was a project where they were encouraged to reflect on three personal issues that caused them stress at the time.

When she assigns those projects, she not only hopes to see what they have mastered skill-wise but also to peek inside their soul for a little while. Mrs. Sullivan expresses that it is very rewarding to see how much they know when they come in and how much they accomplished at the end of the semester. She also gets to know them better and gain an understanding of their personal concerns by providing them with a creative outlet.

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